America's Next Top Model

Season 5 Episode 9

The Girl Whose Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on The CW

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  • Starts out as one big commericial but in the end turns out surprisingly entertaining


    first things first: worst and most misleading title ever for a reality show. after this, i will simply dismiss the titles for all ANTM episodes. i recommend you to do the same. i bet most of the people who watched didnt even get the title reference.

    Ok i know endorsements are a big part of the modeling industry and for that matter a big part of the television industry but this season of top model seems to have an extra emphasis on advertisements. and this episode is no exception.

    This episode starts off well enough, with the girls returning to the house after kyle's departure. kim shows real emotion over the departure of her close friend. at this point in the show with only six girls left, all the girls are getting a lot of screen time and we are really getting to see who they really are.

    when the challenge comes around though, it seems like one big covergirl commercial. the number of product name drops is astoundingly obvious. after basically showing off covergirl's extensive line of cosmetics, the girls go on a go-see with the big prize being a guest spot on veronica mars. yup. UPN's veronica mars... well kim wins, pretty much by default as most of the girls either wilt from the tiny bit of pressure exerted on them during the interview, or just start off and end up dead...

    kim does a mediocre at best job on veronica mars. if she was the best it makes me shudder to think about how the other girls would have fared on "real" tv.

    next up is the photoshoot. and today's shoot is with.... the wild boyz????? steve-o???? nothing about steve-o says high fashion... last time i checked, vogue magazine didnt have any pictures of guys lighting off firecrackers between their buttcheeks... so i figure this had to be a lock at worst antm photoshoot ever...BUT it actually turned out half ok. i mean no fashion magazine would ever publish any of these pictures, but they turned out interesting and most were fairly good. lots of facial expressions and emotion.

    of course working with the wild boyz brought out a little wildness among the girls. especially lisa who decide to put on a diaper (?) and then announced that she was going to christen it. yes thats right. wetting a diaper. a skill all models should have... this episode is chock full of lisa craziness so if you like that kinda stuff make sure you catch the re-run.

    at panel the girls have to do, surprise surprise, more product endorsement. this was pretty hilarious, especially nik and her chocolatey chocolate chocolate chocolate (reminiscent of christina's barrage of "actually"'s last season) and nicole's little song and dance number. bre was surprisingly smooth in her delivery. i think she's really starting to stand out in this competition.

    so panel was kinda irked at the lack of progress some of the girls were showing ::ahem:: jayla and nicole ::ahem:: and after all their deliberations declared their decision to be "strange".

    personally my favorite picture was kim's. it was...dare i say it... fierce. hahah seriously lots of emotion in the face, but it looked natural and she was still attractive. for a boy.

    so tyra starts reading her names. bre and kim are the strongest this time around and at the bottom are jayla and nicole, who at the start of this competition were two of the stronger girls. so tyra starts going on about how neither of them have progressed and how the judges were very disappointed in them. and she says they BOTH have to pack their bags. AHHHHHH!! two double eliminations in one season (remember cassandra and her refuesely to cut her hair)????? UPN couldnt do that!! they would be two episodes short!! come to think of it right now they are one episode how would one solve that problem? you guessed it. no elimination tonight. tyra reveals that the models are going to london, jayla nad nicole included.

    so a mediocre beginning doesnt sink this episode. you get lots of little cute personal moments with the girls and some crazy antics by lisa. and the episode ends with a bang. literally. i mean confetti and dancing and everything.