America's Next Top Model

Season 5 Episode 9

The Girl Whose Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • This is the first episode in Top Model history that there is no elimination.

    • Jayla and Nicole are the two who stand before the judges, but Tyra shocks them all by announcing that not only is no one going home, instead everyone will be heading to London, England.

    • The episode title refers to Nicole's photo shoot theme; she finds her "boyfriend" (Steve-O from MTV's Wildboys) in bed with Kim.

  • Quotes

    • Steve-O (about Kim): I did my best to convert her from her lesbianism.
      Chris: Which you probably did.
      Steve-O: Yeah, but I don't think she was 100% lesbian to begin with.
      Chris: Yeah, nobody is.

    • (about Lisa)
      Bre: Why is she wearing a diaper again?
      Jayla (wearily): I don't know.
      Bre: Oh, I just--I just thought I'd ask.

    • (Steve-O's dress keeps flying up and he's not wearing underwear)
      Nik: What happened behind me?
      Bre: Penis. A whole lot of it.

    • Bre: You look like you're going to be a problem.
      Wee Man: A problem? I'm gonna be the answer!

    • Lisa: Everyone just needs to calm down. Calm down. Take a break, eat a cookie.

    • Bre: Where the hell did Lisa go?
      Nicole: Putting on a show...what she does best.

    • (in their "confessionals")
      Lisa: Am I jealous? No. But congratulations, Kim.
      Kim: Umm...everyone can see through that, you jealous...idiot.

    • Bre: No woman of class, especially a supermodel in the making, is gonna do something as disgusting as pee on herself at her job.

    • Bre: Lisa, she's a sick individual and if she wins this competition I hope she uses that hundred thousand dollars and checks herself into a psychward ASAP.

    • Bre: We all have agreed that Lisa is crazy and has lost her damn mind!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Steve-O (about Lisa): She's so Fatal Attraction.

      Fatal Attraction is a 1987 movie about a woman who gets psychotic after a weekend tryst with a married man.