America's Next Top Model

Season 6 Episode 6

The Girl With Two Bad Takes

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

The girls go to the world famous improv comedy workshop, The Groundlings, to polish their improvisational skills. These skills are put to the test when the girls shoot a mostly improvised Cover Girl cosmetics commercial. The winner of this challenge wins a guest-starring role on the hit show Veronica Mars. Nick Cannon stops by for a visit. Later, some of the girls participate in a PSA for an AIDS awareness program.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Jade just keeps getting attitude after attitude. Mollie Sue goes home

    Wow, Jade just can't seem to cool her attitude down. She first insulted Gina leading to her elimination and just started to insult people during the rap challenge. She insulted, Sarah and Furonda. Mollie-Sue showed a lot of personality. I'm glad Furonda won this challenge with Nick Cannon for she had better disses than others. The Public Service Announcement was a great prize. All the girls started to talk about Jade and for the commercial, I got to say, Jade swore and had two bad takes. Why did the judges keep her over Mollie-Sue, Jade had a bad attitude and it should've been a double elimination.moreless
  • This was a great episode, it is fun that surprising things happened.

    This was a great episode, it is fun that surprising things happened. I love the part about Wild 'N' Out where they have to do all comical stuffs and it is fun seeing that it is just a great show about Tyra doing it I don't know it is a great episode;)
  • The models learn about acting, Jade annoys fellow contestants with her improv. For the photoshoot the models have to do a covergirl commercial.

    This is one of my favourite episodes ever. I found the acting challenge quite entertaining, particularly when Joanie told Jade she looks like an 80 year old woman. I thought the challenge prize was really cool. Furonda won and chose Nnenna to do a PSA about HIV/AIDS, along with meeting a victim of the terrible disease. My absolutely favourite part of the episode is when the models have to do the Covergirl commercial. Aside from holding the product too low, Sarah did a really excellent job, interacting with the camera and people in the commerical. Jade\\\'s was the most entertaining, especially when she swore in the middle of the commercial because she got her lines wrong.

    I was quite disappointed with the elimination. Mollie Sue, while she was a bit boring, did not deserve to be eliminated before Jade. Jade made every excuse for her commercial (including blaming the judges). But otherwise a really entertaining episodemoreless
  • Someone should have forced Jades parents to drown her at birth.

    I can not believe that they sent Mollie Sue home instead of the villianous Jade. I actually really liked the way Mollie Sue\'s pictures came out & I think that she has the potential to improve her acting & improv abilities. Jade, on the other hand, will never be able to improve because she really does not see anything wrong with the way she has been doing things.

    Jade ignores the real intent of the advice given to her & instead chooses to adjust (or at least she thinks) her \'in front of the judges\' persona in lame & pathetically visable attempts to garner their favor. Jade constantly needs to be putting someone else down (in her mind she thinks shes giving them useful tips) in order to make herself feel better. That kind of behaviour may be acceptable in a competition style living arrangement, however if she were to try & pull that crap in the real modeling world she would not only get her ass handed back to her, she would likely never work again.moreless
  • good episode stupid elimination come on tyra...

    Look, really...

    I loved the episode. I do sooooo much improv it\'s ridiculous and seeing others have fun with it wuz SOOOOO cool...especially when improving a Covergirl commercial, fun to watch, definitely. Elimination time comes around. Yay Furonda, first one called! Hoorah! Now, Jade (who\'s now second time in the bottom two by the way) SWORE on the set, and both of her takes suck from her \"Entrance\" to the drag queen junk that ended in a flubbed line and swearing, nice Jade...and Mollie Sue, who was my original fave is now OUT. I\'m amazed and in awe. Mollie Sue was said to have \"lack of persona.\" I thought she had plenty, and when she forgot her line, she improvised!! I thought she\'d get extra points for they really screwed up the elimination.

    Here\'s a short summation for those who missed the episode

    The Challenge wuz 2 play games with the cast of Wildn\' Out.

    There wuz no photoshoot, but a commercial for Covergirl in which they had to improv it. I call it Improvergirl! =]

    Furonda wuz called first.

    Jade wuz in the bottom two.

    Mollie Sue is out.

    I\'m rooting for Joanie now...the basket case, lolmoreless
Jay Manuel

Jay Manuel

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Nigel Barker

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Twiggy Lawson


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Tyra Banks


Brooke Staricha

Brooke Staricha

7th Eliminated – Cycle 6

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Dani Evans

Contestant - Cycle 6

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Call out order:


      The last two were Jade and Mollie Sue; Mollie Sue because she lacked persona and Jade because she still blames her inadequacies on others. In the end, Mollie Sue is sent home.

    • Furonda won this week's challenge and won a guest starring role on Veronica Mars. She also got to do a PSA for HIV/AIDS awareness and picked Nnenna to be in the commerical with her.

    • This episode was named after Jade, who had two bad takes for the Covergirl commercial.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Joanie (about Jade starting to insult the girls during the rap challenge): Nobody else took it there. Like, nobody was like, "Yo Jade, you look like a 85 year-old woman."

    • Brooke: Nnenna is being perceived as this nice, sweet girl and she's not.
      Joanie: Maybe she's a 120% book smart and like 4% common sense smart.

    • (before Furonda picks someone to share her prize PSA)
      Jade: I'll volunteer, look.
      (behind the scene interview)
      Furonda: Jade and I are not friends. We're...we're not friends.
      (back to the scene)
      Nick Cannon: Who'd you pick?
      Furonda: Nnenna.

    • Sara: I think I need to puke in a bottle if I hear one more thing about Jade, the undiscovered supermodel.

    • Mollie Sue: Your walk is good, you might not fall. But your head's as shiny as a big rubber ball.

    • Jade: My butt is bigger than yours.

    • Jade (On the questions game): Even though it was fun, laughter, and jokes it wasn't humor to me. I was like - What? What? What?

    • Jade: My name is Jade. The ace of spades. Yo Furonda, my dear, your skin is bumpy. My skin is flawless and yours is lumpy.

    • Miss J (about Brooke): Still looks like a trout, but I love her.
      Nigel: Yes well, if this was America's Next Top Trout, this would be a keeper.

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