America's Next Top Model

Season 6 Episode 6

The Girl With Two Bad Takes

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Call out order:


      The last two were Jade and Mollie Sue; Mollie Sue because she lacked persona and Jade because she still blames her inadequacies on others. In the end, Mollie Sue is sent home.

    • Furonda won this week's challenge and won a guest starring role on Veronica Mars. She also got to do a PSA for HIV/AIDS awareness and picked Nnenna to be in the commerical with her.

    • This episode was named after Jade, who had two bad takes for the Covergirl commercial.

  • Quotes

    • Joanie (about Jade starting to insult the girls during the rap challenge): Nobody else took it there. Like, nobody was like, "Yo Jade, you look like a 85 year-old woman."

    • Brooke: Nnenna is being perceived as this nice, sweet girl and she's not.
      Joanie: Maybe she's a 120% book smart and like 4% common sense smart.

    • (before Furonda picks someone to share her prize PSA)
      Jade: I'll volunteer, look.
      (behind the scene interview)
      Furonda: Jade and I are not friends. We're...we're not friends.
      (back to the scene)
      Nick Cannon: Who'd you pick?
      Furonda: Nnenna.

    • Sara: I think I need to puke in a bottle if I hear one more thing about Jade, the undiscovered supermodel.

    • Mollie Sue: Your walk is good, you might not fall. But your head's as shiny as a big rubber ball.

    • Jade: My butt is bigger than yours.

    • Jade (On the questions game): Even though it was fun, laughter, and jokes it wasn't humor to me. I was like - What? What? What?

    • Jade: My name is Jade. The ace of spades. Yo Furonda, my dear, your skin is bumpy. My skin is flawless and yours is lumpy.

    • Miss J (about Brooke): Still looks like a trout, but I love her.
      Nigel: Yes well, if this was America's Next Top Trout, this would be a keeper.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: January 7, 2008 on Network 10
      Czech Republic: January 1, 2012 on Prima LOVE

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