America's Next Top Model

Season 6 Episode 2

The Girls Go Bald

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on The CW

Episode Recap

In the first half of the episode the 32 girls start to appear. One of the most controversial semifinalist Dani appeared as she reveals the things that she doesn't include including gay, Muslim, abortion and all that. The ladies were given a challenge by the two J's that they have to evoke 3 different walks done by Tyra, and Yvonne won the challenge. The interviews then came later on, and the first cut was done, now there were 20 girls left and they head on a photoshoot with ten frames where they would have to direct the photographer and themselves in doing this whole photoshoot. The judges deliberated and they announce the Final 13.

The second half was done as they do a press conference with Janice Dickensen, Gina failed miserably to represent herself, Jade became arrogant in front of the press, and she took it also to Gina. Then they get to enter their house and they just went crazy and happy. The photoshoot was revealed and they were first shock when they were going bald but later on they became comfortable as Jay reveals that they will only wear bald caps for the photoshoot. Furonda did real bad as this was told by the judges, but in the end it was Kathy who was sent home because of the judges felt like she doesn't have a true potential.