America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 11

The Girls Go On Go-See Adventures

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2007 on The CW

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  • excellent epi...but heather gone?

    i mean...i loved heather :( but ok she doesn't have any communication was the second time she couldn't perform with people around her...she only got to do 1 go-see (although i thought it was amazing)...but since lisa was eliminated i felt it was heather's time to in the other hand bianca winning the go-see challenge?? no way...she is like argh...i hate her...i would even want saleisha to win before bianca...chantal was late like what was it 20 seconds??? it is so rigged...and plus jenah's sooo called comment to nigel? don't they have any kind of humour? i mean everything jenah says seems to be twisted by the judges and the girls...the comment caridee did to nigel (which she said in an interview that nigel joked back...hmm we didnt get to see that) typically the same thing happened to jenah...nigel must have joked back but they want to have an excuse to eliminate her so they were starting to boil the personality "crisis" thing...
  • good episode...

    The girls have to go to see go-sees and convince them to book the models. The models have to come back on time of they would be eliminated. Heather had a lot of trouble making her way to the go - sees and only found one. It was sad to see her walking aimlessly through the city. I was really pissed that the girls saw her and didn't even help her. I know it's just a game, but have some dignigty. Anyways, the pictures had to stand out around dragons. Heather was eliminated even though all of her pictures were good.
  • The go sees are fun to watch

    I liked this episode. The go sees are always interesting because it is about impressing people and making it back in time. I could not wait to see how the girls did. I was annoyed that my two least favorite girls were the only ones to make it back in time. It was once agian cool to see them exploring China. I liked how they had to try to stand out in the crowd during the photo shoot. I was a little disapointed to see Heather go home, but she deserved to go. As nice as it would have been to see someone with her disability win it all, she has been messing up in recent episodes.
  • Heather, Heather, Heather...

    Not bad. The 5 remaining girls go on different "Go See"(s) and explore. Heather only manages to find one place, plus, when she lost her cab, she just walked around all of China practically before actually finding her car. Only Saleisha and Bianca made it on time for the challenge, and Bianca won. I just don't like Bianca for some reason, she's too full of herself. Anyway, at the photoshoot with Nigel, Jenah struggles while Saleisha does a lot better. I really thought Jenah was going to be sent home, but in the end, Heather was eliminated leaving three girls remaining.
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