America's Next Top Model

Season 6 Episode 12

The Girls Go To Phuket

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 10, 2006 on The CW

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  • i loved the episode but i still hate tyra

    When this episode started i said well...nobody cares about furonda anymore so it will be entertaining

    But when the girls go on those "tuk-tuk" to meet the designers everything just collapsed for me. The girls were gorgeous (except for Jade...who i just can't stand sory). When they arrive late to see that woman(dont remember her name) they say Danielle would have won and they show her the clothes which would be hers if she had arrived in time!!!!! man...that's so gross they cant shouw what would have been hers!!! they made her wish what she couldnt have! (Jade got there really late trying to blend in...that was funny)

    Then they go home and meet Tyra and she tells them all about the Tsunami and Danielle gets too involved with the story and later ir affects her performance.

    photoshoooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nigel is (like we say in Uruguay) "un papi!!!!!!!", he was sooo hot!. The girls did well except for Sara who had a hard time (altough she has the best body) and Danielle who is just depressed for touching the water where many died (RIP).

    Then...judging room. Almost all the natural photos of the girls are just blahh and Sara is told by Tyra that she look like a girl who is saying "hey i'm trying out for antm")
    The best photo comes from Joanie (altough i must say Danielle's one was awesome!! i thought it was far better)

    This week, Sara and Danielle are in the bottom two. Dani is said that her speech is totally unacceptable for Covergirl and Sara has progressed so much that the judges ask themselves if she has anything more to give and then.....sara gets eliminated!!! phewwww for Danielle she almost got out (i loveeeeeeeeeee her)
  • I can't believe Jade didn't get eliminated ... AGAIN !!

    I can't believe Jade didn't get eliminated ... AGAIN !! That girl really needs to go. She's so stuck up and arrogant. I haven't been able to stand her from the beginning. And she was over 1 hour late after the go-sees !! That should've been a key thing in the decision making. Although it would be kind f funny to see her being part of the last two, all sure of herself and all, and see Joanie win since she keeps putting her down.

    I'm glad that Sarah is gone though. She was getting on my nerve. The final drop in my opinion was when she copied Joanie's poses with the elephant in the last episode. I mean come on !!! She lacked variety.

    Can't wait for the finale !!

  • This is becomming tougher & tougher to watch.

    It\'s hard to watch a reality television based competition when it\'s obvious that the judges have their own adgenda instead of picking a deserving winner.

    I did not mind that Sara left, she really was incredibly stiff in front of the cameras, she had virtually no range and the only thing she really had going for her is her incredible height. Please do not misunderstand me here, I think Sara is a beautiful girl, I really do, however that does not always translate into a modeling career. Her look seemed a tad too generic & in order to open up her expression range I think she should start taking a few acting classes.

    What I really wanted (as I have stated in previous posts) is for Jade to get booted. I have to agree with the majority on this one as Jade continues to be one of the most vile creatures ever to force herself onto my television screen. I don\'t think she is ugly nor do I think she is beautiful - she is very interesting to look at though, it\'s just too bad that her personality is so repulsive as it ruins the whole effect.

    The thing that really bother me about this is how the judges can go on about Danielles accent & how she could never be a spokesmodel yet fail to point out that Jade\'s viper-style personality would prohibit her in the same way. Who is going to want someone like Jade promoting their products? What company in their right mind would hire a girl that the majority of the public can not stand? As I\'ve said before I think the only reason that she has gone through from round to round is to keep enough viewers watching & hoping to see her get the boot.

    I hope things don\'t go this way when Canada\'s Next Top Model airs.........
  • Hello typical Reality pit falls

    I agree with pretty much everyone that Jade should have had her keester rejected eons ago. Reality has already told Jade she doesn\\\'t have what it takes. But lets face it Tyra and her producing crew know that all of us seeing red over this \\\"character\\\" guarantees she\\\'ll be stickin\\\' around \\\'reality TV\\\' until (close to) the end. We already saw this with the vacant Gina. Dumb as a doornail but she saved her ass by getting wasted and spluttering incoherently (and entertainingly) for an extra few episodes.
    I think that Sara was the logical choice to go next, but take that with a grain of salt. As you get near the end they will come up with nitty gritty \\\"reasons\\\" that one girl deserves it over another. If I hear Tyra say something like \\\"you\\\'re the girl who has become amazing over these weeks, but are you amazing ENOUGH???\\\"I will barf. Puhlease. Jade will be given the boot eventually as will Danielle because of her incoherent accent. I actually like her best but imagining her doing one of those covergirl commercials would be hilarious (then again the constant lackluster ramblings of Nicole gives Danielle a reason to hope). To Sum up: This episode was average in that nothing interesting happened and no one girl stood out for better or worse.
  • Jade should have been eliminated WEEKS ago! Why is she still here?? Danielle's accent needs to go! Sara had no dedication, and Joanie is predicted to win!

    The competition begins with a few go-sees in the city of Bangkok, and for the first time in ANTM history, no one wins the challenge because everyone was late returning. The girls slowly get over the fact that no one won even though Danille would have won and were flown off to the paradise of Phuket for some down time and a swimsuit photo shoot. Sara and Danielle's pictures were amazing, but they each have characteristics that are still a problem in the judges eyes. In the end, Sara's pictures are not enough to keep her in the running and she is eliminated.

    If you ask me, Jade should have been eliminated like 5 episodes ago or even more. She is SUCH a stuck up person and no one will go anywhere with that type of attitude in the modeling buisness.

    I think Joanie will win, she is so pretty and amazing!

    Danielle needs to lose the accent, but we all know that!
  • Jade\'s elimination is long overdue!

    Okay, this is getting ridiculous. They need to send Jade home. It should have been done in the first episode, but stupid Miss J. keeps fighting for her, probably because he can identify with the drag queen in \"her.\" I\'m glad Sara went home because she was starting to get on my nerves. However, it should have been Jade. This week was pretty boring. Nothing really original about the shoot. I thought it sucked that Danielle didn\'t get those clothes, because it wasn\'t their fault they were late. What are they supposed to do when traffic is that blocked up?! Jade arriving 1 hour late was beyond ridiculous. If she wins, I don\'t think I\'ll ever be able to watch the show again.
  • This is the worst season yet, hands down, and I swear to god, if Jade doesn\\\'t go home, I will personally fly to whatever unfortunate town she is from and spit in her arrogant, ugly face.

    Okay, let's get this straight. Worst. Season. EVER. It could have been a good season, had Mollie Sue and Kari stayed. But no, it ended up sucking beyond belief. I literally HATE all three final girls (or men, in Jade's case). Not one of them has model potential. This season isn't America's next top's America's Next Pretty-Girl-in-Her-Hick-Town-But-Nothing-Special. I am so shocked and disappointed at this terrible casting.

    Jade is the obvious subject of my hatred. She is an ugly person inside and out. I think she looks like an oriental man on crack. Keyword there: man. She is just unbelievably hideous. She looks old and she looks like a cross-dressing drag queen. Man, and I thought I hated Lisa last season. I'd prefer a show full of Lisas compared to the horrendous Jade. She is STUPID. Oh my goddd that guy/girl is dumb. And arrogant does not even begin to describe her. Maybe she doesn't admit that she's arrogant because she doesn't know what the word means, since she's so damn stupid. And she is always defensive, never willing to admit that she is 100% wrong. Every word out of her mouth, I find myself yelling SHUT UP to my TV. Jade needs to leave the freaking planet because she is an ugly, ugly person, from her features (or lack thereof) to her personality (once again, or lack thereof). I can't even find adequate words to vocalize my disgust regarding Jade.

    Joanie is pretty for hick standards. I'm sure Joanie is the prettiest girl at the barn raising. However, when we're talking models...yeah right. She stands out as much as a needle in a haystack (hick reference intended). She has an absolutely terrible smile and her lisp with her new teeth makes me cringe. She does not have a good model body at all. Additionally, she is so obnoxious. "I was the only one who truly paid attention to the customs." "Sara always copies off of me." (ONE TIME..GET OVER IT!) "This is my passion." Jade of course trumps everyone when it comes to being full of herself, but Joanie's got the obnoxious, I'm-better-than-everyone thing as well. My prediction is that Joanie will win, which is so unfortunate because she is clearly on such a lower level as compared to the other winners. It's like...the past winners are models in Parisian Vogue whereas Joanie is the model for a mom-and-pop general store ad campaign (note that the mom-and-pop general store isn't a's one store). That's the difference in levels. All of these three girls are on a low, low level, and it will be unfortunate no matter who wins.

    Danielle won't lose her accent. Why won't Tyra accept it!? Does her accent sound any different to anyone?! NO! She will always speak in a pseudo-English terrible hick voice. I don't understand half of the things she says. Plus, Danielle just isn't that good of a model. I would turn right past her photos in a magazine (the same goes for the other two). Her face is okay. She, like Joanie, would be pretty in her small hick town of two hundred people, but when we're talking modeling, she's the ugly one of the pack. She, like Joanie, does not stand out. Jade only stands out because she looks like a man-pig hybrid and she is so arrogant and stupid. So she stands out in a negative way. But Danielle just isn't that good. She's nothing special.

    Sara had the most potential. She's the prettiest by far, with the best personality and an amazing smile. Tyra has made some huge mistakes this season, but eliminating Sara was a terrible one. Sara is the girl who I could most see on the pages of Vogue, and trust me, I know Vogue and modeling. I don't even know if I can bear to watch the season finale. I can say with definite certainty that regardless of who wins, I hate the winner of season six. Let's hope the casting directors step it up and actually get a good group of girls next season instead of the crap we have this time around.
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