America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 10

The Girls Go to Shanghai

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2007 on The CW

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  • its world is the photoshoots and other one is what they really are like...

    First of all...Saleisha not wanting to share a bed?? like are you kidding me?????? the thing was a king size bed dear...even if you didnt mostly cover not even a quarter of that bed..the girls are giving to much of an attitude in my they all seem to want to alienate heather...she has no disadvantage or flaw (only the communication one) and now they are picking on her
    lisa...i didnt feel she was the worst of the about bianca??? her picture was horrible and plus...the makeup looked horrible on her...that colour of her lips was awful she cant take that much makeup! my favourite of the week...chantal (but not her covergirl pic) and jenah (loved her much attitude hehe love her)
  • I enjoyed watching them in China

    I liked how this episode started out with all the drama of moving into their new home. The way the beds were was set up for conflict and I could not believe how horrible some of the girls were to Heather. Through out the episode it was cool to see what China looked like. The challenge were they did the moves up in the air was pretty cool. I enjoyed seeing Heather's attitude about it contrast Bianca's. Having them reciete lines and add their own personality to it was a good test of their modeling skills. I didn't mind that Lisa went home because she didn't seem to have enough personality, but there were some other girls I wish could have went home instead.
  • ok episode...

    The models go to Shanghai which was cool. It was nice to see the scenery and the people. Their challenge was to pose in mid air. One of the girls was too scared and was eliminated. Heather won. Later on, the girls had to deliver a commercial for cover girl and Heather struggled. She could not deliver the lines even when they were read to her. Then they had a photo shoot. This was just a very average episode. The girls had drama in the house, mainly over Heather, and the challenges and pictures were nothing special. Overall, average, ok episode.
  • The best parts were seeing a glimpse of Shanghai and a little bit of fun with some martial arts. The girls-not so fun.

    Too much attitude this show. I am fed up with Bianca. She would never make a wonderful model because she is not even close to being any kind of role model to look too. Models need to have somewhat of a good personality to be trusted out in the public eye. She refused to do one of the challenges and was disqualified. That alone should have had her eliminated from the contest. Heather was wonderful in that particular challenge and her picture in the last shoot was absolutely breathtaking. She does need help in speaking so I wish they would bring someone in to help her like they have helped girls in all their other weak areas. I am sick of the way Bianca picks on her all the time. Bianca is one of those people that make them selves feel more superior by putting down other people. I truly dislike that. That to me is a person who is very trashy and sleezy. The other girls seem to go up and down but each have strong areas and weak areas.
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