America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 12

The Girls Go to the Great Wall

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

The girls go with Miss J and Twiggy to an outdoor stage and see the "Four Beauties". Later, they are given costumes that reflect each character. The girls must go shopping at a Chinese mall to update their costumes and make them reflect their own personalities. While shopping, Bianca tells Jenah to go across the street to try to throw off her time. Jenah realizes she's been tricked and decides not to trust anyone any longer. It doesn't matter however, because Jenah wins the competition. She and a friend (Chantal) get to have couture dresses made just for them.

Jenah starts crying that night because she's homesick. She feels like she needs to go home, to be in her own bed and her family. This will come back to haunt her at the judging.

For the photo shoot, the girls are taken to The Great Wall to be photographed by Tyra. They are made up as Chinese warriors and are asked to pretend to be enemies, storming the Wall. Tyra gives each girl direction but thinks that Chantal has improved the most. At the end of the shoot, the girls are photographed together as a group. At judging they will find out who stands out the most.

At panel, Jenah cries about not being home and away from her little sisters. Bianca was told she was 'stiff' and it wasn't natural. Chantal took the best photo in both the individual photo and group session. Bianca and Jenah were in the bottom two.Although they are concerned about Jenah's ambitions, they decide to give her another chance. Bianca was sent home with intructions from Tyra to keep "learning" and gain experience.
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