America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 12

The Girls Go to the Great Wall

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2007 on The CW

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  • Jenah's first win and her attitude gets her. Bianca is gone.

    Jenah survived against Heather. I was glad that Jenah had won her first challenge. I was also glad that Chantal was chosen. The dresses were so beautiful. Still Jenah has let her attitude get in the way. She looks like she takes drugs. The challenge, I didn't like Bianca and her attitude. She was like the bad girl of this season. I mean she was bad from the start and got a little better and I think the challenge made her cocky. The Great Wall, I got to say, when I went there, I didn't climb the top for I was on tour guide and I only had about 20 minutes to get what I can and leave. Jenah and Chantal looked nice in the judging room, but Bianca leaves and the witch is dead.
  • ding dong the witch is gone at last!!!! (it felt as when monique was right)

    it was like a dream watching bianca not getting her picture at last!!!! i hated her saying that heather was in her own world and didn't even try because she did try and a lot...only that bianca didn't like heather from the beginning because heather could take excellent pics and she (bianca) wouldn't even take an average pic...cuz she's a dreadful model jenah doesn't have an "identity crisis" i mean...that was so like what is going on?? this is turning to be america's next top personality i mean...if it was for personality saleisha wouldn't even be here cuz she has no personality...she's just this fake bubbly girl...i can't even begin to stand her!
  • It was cool to see the modeling mixed in with chinese culture, and it is great to see that Bianca is finally gone!

    The challenge where they had to take the chinese outfits and stories and make them more modernized was really neat. It was cool to see them all runing around the mall. Having the dresses made for them was cool to see. I also liked how they made the photo shoot on the great wall of China. Adding in the group shoot made it more interesting. In the end I really loved this episode because Bianca was sent home. I was convinced they were going to send Jenah home, and I was so happy when Tyra announced that Bianca was leaving. The one thing I didn't like about this episode was Jenah's attitude. It is really disapointing to see that she just wants to go home when she should be focused on being America's Next Top Model. I'm not sure if this was just editing or not, but either way I didn't like it.
  • Bianca is finally gone.

    Thankfully, Bianca was sent home. I honestly don't know why she even made it this far. Not to sound mean, but I'm going to be honest as a guy: Bianca was ugly! I'm sorry, but she really was ugly and her photos were not good, not to mention her attitute needed help. So anyway, the girls were shot by Tyra herself in a photoshoot where they had to act as if they were warriors getting over the Great Wall of China. It was a pretty cool shoot. Then, they had to take a group shot to see who shines the most. Good episode. Go Jenah!
  • Bianca is gone! YES!!!!!!!!!!

    I have never given a 10 but this episode deserved it. The show was good and to be able for the photo shoot to be at the great wall was a superb idea. Bianca is gone with all her manipulating and high and mighty ways. I could not be happier. She ruined every episode for me. I really would like to see who the best is without Bianca's mouth at full throttle destroying a good show. Bianca was so ghetto and low taste in personality and phoney in front of the camera and judges. How did she get this far is beyond me. Now it's time to find who has developed the most and who is the best model to win. I am now ready.