America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 8

The Girls Who Crawl

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

The way things ended in the last new episode, things got a little shaken up in the Top Model world. Just as Ambreal was about to get sent home, Ebony stepped forward and dropped out of the competition. This week, the remaining girls continued on while Ambreal had to keep going with the knowledge that she would have been the one sent home. When the girls returned home to relax after an intense elimination, Bianca devoted her down time to picking on Heather. She was rambling on about how Heather has it easier because she's just naturally beautiful and the judges don't need to do much to make her look good. I'm sorry, but you're on a show about finding America's Next Top Model and you're actually saying it's unfair that someone's naturally prettier than you? Then she had the audacity to get pissed when the other girls came to Heather's defense, claiming they baby her because of her disability. Hmm...jealous much? The next morning the girls woke up to a Tyra mail in the kitchen. As Tyra made her best attempt at a Debbie Allen impression, she informed the girls they'd be learning how to model in front of a moving camera. I liked that Tyra was actually the one teaching the girls for this one. When things got underway, Heather had a bit of trouble doing many of the exercises. I have to agree with Bianca that Heather did not look sexy doing the crawl and Tyra probably should have seen that. Back at the house, the girls started discussing their weight. As some of them compared notes on how much they'd lost or gained, Sarah expressed insecurities about her own weight. Next, the ladies were off to the challenge of the week; shooting a music video with Enrique Iglesias. Based on appearance alone, Enrique picked Lisa and Heather to be featured in the shoot while the rest of the girls were left with smaller parts. During the shoot, Heather became overheated and needed medical attention. She got some food and water in her and they finished up the video. Later, it was time to face the judging panel once again. The judges reviewed the video and after getting a negative review (not to mention having been the first one shown at the start of the episode) it seemed like Ambreal was gonna be the next to go, but surprisingly it was Sarah and Chantal in the bottom two. Tyra gave Chantal her picture and Sarah was the one sent home for being too thin to be a plus size model and too heavy to fit the super skinny look that's trendy right now. This week's episode was a nice return. Tyra teaching the girls how to be video vixens was probably the most entertaining lesson so far. We even finally got to see the models lounging around the house for a little bit. But most importantly, the editing theory was disproved. What a relief. Excitement has been restored. Next week it looks like Bianca and Heather finally have words over Bianca's jealousy and smack talk.
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