America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 8

The Girls Who Crawl

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2007 on The CW

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  • There was too much focus on the dance video and not enough on being a top model

    I am never a big fan of the dance video episodes. Although dancing is a skill that could help models I feel like they put too much focus on it. I was really disapointed when it got to the end of this episode and I found out there would be no photo shoot. When they were practicing with Tyra I didn't really get the purpose of the leotards that made them look naked. It was kind of cool to see how the video turned out, and how each girl did. I didn't like how they choose they choose the feature girls without having them do a challenge first. I love how Heather continues to outdue the annoying Bianca. I didn't mind that Sarah left because she never stood out to me. Although I do agree with what someone else said that the panel makes losing weight seem like a bad thing, when it can be done in a healthy way.
  • The girls take on a video shoot with Enrique...

    Decent Episode. I prefer an actual photo shoot over the video clips, but still, it was good. Tyra gave the girls a lesson on how to be sexy or cute without being "hoochie". Then, they all get to be in Enrique I.'s video and some do better than others. In the end, Chantal and Sara are in the bottom two. I wasn't surprised. Sara is sent home and we are 1 step closer to finding out who will become America's Next Top Model. Jenah didn't do so well, and she was shocked by her bad review. Ambreal was shocked she wasn't sent home since she was supposed to leave last week. Good episode.
  • The girls learn how to move and then are put in an Enrique Iglesias video

    I have many problems with this episode... First of all, Tyra is all concerned with the environment this season and being "green" and yet when a girl collapses on set because she is too thin and wasn't eating... it is not even discussed at panel. Caring about the environment is great and all but I would worry about the health of your girls before you start trying to save anything else. Girls dying in the fashion industry because they are too thin is really happening right now and that should be the focus of Top Model rather than the environment since it is clearly a problem with the girls on the show! Another issue that I have with this episode was that they got rid of Sarah. Sarah, first of all, was not there to be a plus size model but a "regular size" model. She is supposed to be thinner than plus size. If she is losing weight because she is unhealthy it should be stopped but if she is losing weight to be healthy then it should be praised. She was gotten rid of because she looks great and takes great pictures? Garbage. The only thing I liked about this episode was the video.
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