America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 9

The Girls Who Go Down Under

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

The girls meet April from Cycle 2. She is there to teach them the skills of talking and doing interviews. She talks about how some people being interviewed talk too much or don't talk at all. Jael says she knows how to talk to people about anything because she is "fearless and has a lot to say". Jaslene says she's not good at it because she loses her words a lot. Natasha says she would make the best correspondent because she has the look and can talk. Dionne makes a comment that Jael just blabs about every little thing. Later, the girls are waiting for Tyra when she comes hopping in the room dressed in a kangaroo costume along with 2 guys and a real kangaroo. Renee says Tyra is amazing because she can have the rattiest looking costume on and still look amazing. Challenge: The girls have to interview random people on the streets of Sydney, Australia while incorporating as much Aussie slang into it as possible. The girls go up to people asking them questions such as the differences between Aussies and Yanks. ("Yanks" is the slang term for Americans that Australians use.) The winner will be a correspondent on The Tyra Show. Natasha wins the challenge. Afterwards, Jael talks to Renee about how she is having doubts and she thinks it's weird that nobody else left has been in the bottom two yet. Natasha talks about how there's only 6 of them left and only 1 can win and this is the breaking point and time to get serious. Cover Girl Commercial: The girls meet Jay who explains to them about the commercial they have to do. In the commercial, a photographer will be waiting for a kangaroo to walk by to snap a picture but the Cover Girls catch his attention instead and he misses the shot of the kangaroo. The girls need to use a thick, Aussie accent. Jay says Dionne sounded like one big run on sentence. He tells Natasha she looked like an ape and she needed to have fun with it. He makes fun of Jael, she looks gorgeous and has great energy but they couldn't get a good line out of her. Jael says it was hard because she's not the bubbly, girl next door type. Brittany had a problem with the lines because 5 years ago she was hit by a car and cracked her head on the curb which affected her short term memory. She started tearing up after doing so many takes. Jay tells her that getting so frustrated at herself is what shattered her performance. Judging: Tyra is shocked and amazed that Natasha did so great with the accent. The only thing was that she went a little overboard with being sexy in the end. Dionne didn't impress anyone. Jaslene was thinking too much, if she relaxed ab it she would've been better and she needs to learn how to give expression. Renee was trying to be Steve Irwin and Tyra said that's exactly who she was and that was the problem. She got the acting part down but couldn't model along with it. When they played Jael's clip, all the judges faces were just flat and disappointed. You knew what they were thinking. Tyra tells Jael it looked like she was making fun of girls who model and she has to bring who she is and marry it into the product; not be a cookie cutter of the girls. Tyra tells Britney that it looked like she was in tears through her clip and Britney starts crying and says she was. She talks about her accident and Tyra says they do have hearts about it but she needs to figure out something that works for her to get by it and make it. She has to figure out every trick in the book to memorize lines. They can be compassionate about it but they cannot favor her for it. Order Of Call Outs: Natasha Renee Jaslene Dionne Britney Jael goes home. Tyra tells her that she takes beautiful pictures but how she presents herself on film is ghastly.