America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 9

The Girls Who Go Down Under

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on The CW

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  • You call that Australian?

    I'm a true blue Aussie and when I watched this episode I was laughing at how ridiculously un-australian the whole thing was. When Jay said, we are in outback Australia, I laughed so hard! They girls were in the Zoo in Sydney and miles and miles away from anything remotely like the real Australian outback. Not one of the girls got even close to an Australian accent! The best they got was English, the most of them sounded like a Pom! And as far as Sydney being Australian! Sydney is by far the least Australian place in Australia! Nobody talks with Australian Slang, especially not in Sydney. When the interviews were being conducted with the locals, none of them would have had a clue to what the girls, especially Natasha, were saying. No one says sheila in Australia, or any of those other words. Infact, people barely say G'day in Australia. Sydney is a crowded, dirty, unfriendly, congested city and the only kangaroos jumping around there would only be in the zoo. Any American watching this series of ANTM, don't believe for a second that it is anything like the REAL Australia!
  • The Outback

    I have to agree with the other previous reviews. This episode wasn't one of my favorites. The nothing really exciting happen. I get bored every year around this time of the season because I feel like they are running out of ideas for the season. All of my favorite girls are pretty much gone now so the only reason why I am watching the rest of this season is just out of pure curiosity. Brittany I think was the prettiest during her cover girl commercial but she had way too many takes. Jasalene did really well even though the judges said she over did it. Jael went home and I thought it was her time.
  • the girls head to sydney australia and do their covergirl shoot.

    first im an australian and i do live in sydney. we dont say g'day we say hi or hello like everyone else in the world does. also we dont say shelia - i think if a guy called a girl that he would be slapped across the head.

    plus when i was watching this i was like we dont sound like that but we are seeing it from an americian's point of view.

    and also erica ( the special judge) got fired from the network that plays this show. but all in all it was an ok episode !!!
    And what is exy? i have never ever heard that before.
  • i hated jael going home...

    no i hated her going home! from the beginning the judges knew that jael wasnt the bubbly kinda covergirl model...she's not cute and bubbly!!! she's got a really beautiful strong "anarchyst" personality which makes her unique! i mean why did they keep her for so long if they knew she wasnt covergirl type?
    and then brittany crying AAAAAAGAAAAAAAAINNNNNNNN!!!!!! omg this girl is getting to my like reallyyy im sick and tired of her! she cries every time she has the chance to cry! and like...chosing brittany over jael was crazy stuff...really...brittany deserved to go home...jael is really cool and the girls in the house ARE going to miss her one made the house as fun as jael did
  • Jael gets booted for the reasons everyone expected. And the girls are supposed to speak with an aussie accent

    I have to admit, I never thought Jael would get this far. She was a little over the top. Sweet at times but often out of control. When she spoke she sounded like she was drunk. Everyone who watched the show knew she would fall flat when speaking became an important part of the process.

    Britney surprised me. She did so wonderfully in the shots that required her to look happy. But she had so many problems with the speaking roles. I don't think the shots they used in the commercial were bad though.

    And about the accent that the girls are supposed to be channeling. Jay told Renee to go over the top and let him pull her back. And she gets told she sounds like a man. I think she and Britney were the only ones who even tried to sound Australian. I watched the commercial several times and I still don't see where Natasha had an Australian accent. I think she did a good job hiding the Russian accent but I didn't notice any australian accent. And Dionne and Jaslene just seemed stiff to me. I think both Renee and Britney should have placed higher. I just think Britney's frustration is what led her to the bottom two.

    At least Jael can spread her joy to the world somewhere else.
  • The girls go to Australia, practice interview, and do a commercial.

    I enjoyed watching them go to Australia. It was fun to see how well they mastered the Australian accents. I liked how they did the interviews and they kept track of how many times they said the Australian lingo. It was so funny how they had the “that’s cool” meter for Dionne. I did not really like how they waited until the end to announce the challenge winner. By the time they got to it I had forgotten about the challenge. I really liked how they did the commercial instead of a photo shoot. It was fun to see them act Australian. I was surprised how bad some of them did. They really don’t have a good group of public speakers. I felt so bad for Brittany because of her memory problems. I was not very upset that Jael was eliminated. She had a fun personality but I could not see her as America’s Next Top Model.
  • Jael gets eliminated.

    No surprise that Jael was going home. The show has pretty much been predictable. Sad to see her go, she had some good pics and I liked her personality. It was just hard to understand the way she talks sometimes.

    I was surprised to see Natasha do so good with the accent since she doesn't even have an American accent. I felt bad for Brittany. There's no way she'll learn all the tricks in the book of memorizing lines in a week after having the problem for 5 years.

    Dionne is boring and I can't stand the accent. Go home already.
  • The 6 remaining girls travel to Sydney Australia.

    I am a little angry that Jael went home! She was my favorite and she deserved to stay! She is a fun person! When she said she wanted to wear all black and smack guys asses. That is Jael and she is a fun person! Natasha is doing awesome now! I didn't like her that much in the beginning but now I hope she wins since Jael is gone and she was my 2nd favorite after Jael. I hope it goes in the order of elimination to winner is- Jaslene, Dionne, Brittney, Renee and Natasha as America's Next Top Model!!!
  • The remaining girls travel down under to Australia. Their challenge is to interview local Aussie's and use as much Australian slang as they can. Instead of a photo shoot the girls take part in an Australian Covergirl commercial.

    Good episode, but fairly predictable. I am not surprised Jael was eliminated she was so one dimensional which killed her chances of winning. I was very surprised about Brittney's poor showing. She has been so consistently strong in the competition and now she seems to be falling apart. I would not be surprised at all if she is eliminated next. Renee is also performing much better I had originally thought that there would be no way she would make it to the top 3, but now I think she has a shot. Jaslene and Dionne have not been terribly consistent and with Brittney in trouble now, Renee is in a much stronger position.
  • okay so down to the final six and its time for the international destanation and its always excitin to see where they goin.

    okay so we in the begining and Jaslene is trpin " i feel like i need to step my game up " damn right baby you fallin straight on your a** on this competetion. So April from cycle 2 comes by and if yall remember her from cycle 2 you now this b**** won almost every thing ury week. and they learn about interveiwing and i thought Dionne and Jael was just gonna kick each others a**es. Now Tyra gets dressed up as a kangaroo and she says they goin to Sydney Australia ! and of course they excited cause all of them look like they've only been in a tralier park , lol , just kiddin. Now they see Erika uh somethin the orginal host of Australias next top model and she talks all this Australian languaga and i was confused now they gotta ask Australians about Fashion in Australian Slang and thongs in Australian mean Sandels , Renee. and Dionne said thats cool , slot. and im preety sure somebody called Britneyy a slut but anyways. Erika gives them the key to they new apartment filled with pictures of my girl Caridee and renee talkiin bout her and britney never been in the bottom three , Renee you know you lyin cough "the DragKing challenge" , but you aint want to bring that up , but you aint never been in the bottom two so chill. now they gotta take a covergirl commerical and if any of the girls were going to step their game up this is the time and they gotta tape a commerical with a thick " Australian accent " and most of the girls usually do really bad in the begining but they pulled it off alright , most of them. but Jael had a real tough time. Jaslene finally stepped her game up but the other girls to so the b**** is a bit late. Britneey steped her game down come on baby, i will come in there and shake it out of you girl u a top model whats wrong wit you ? and Natasha sounded like she had three different accents but you can do it , maybe. now what shocks me is that Natasha has the thickest accent there and Brittney had the toughest time , child dont trip step up your game even of you got a disease represent for the people with your memory loss , situation. okay so Jaslene steped her game up but she shoulda steped it down and who goes home Jael goes home , aw. okay so the winner for this episode is probly Natasha cause she nailed the shoot and the loser is probly Jaslene cause she did the oppisite of what she was supposed to do. the tip for the day is always now what the judges want you too do dont miss up and do the wrong thing because with personality the judges change their minds all the time.
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