America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 3

The Girls Who Go To Prom

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

The episode picks up after the last panel where Kathleen was sent home. Jaslene is on the phone telling her mom how excited she is about how well she's performing. Meanwhile, Samantha is feeling out of place and not part of the group yet.
The Tyra Mail the girls gets says, "Babies learn how to do it. Can you?" This is a sure sign that runway walk coaching is ahead. The girls are taken to a local high school where Miss Jay has them walking the lines on the track. But this time it's not just a stroll down and back, there's intricate choreography involving three models walking at the same time. Even though Jaslene feels she dominates in runway walking, remarks by Miss Jay and Renee show that others feel differently.
The girls are taken into the gymnasium where Roy Campbell is waiting for them. (You may remember him from Cycle 6 where he produced the church fashion show.) The girls are going to walk in a prom-themed fashion show where students and their parents will be the audience. The models will be wearing fashions from three categories; modern contemporary prom, the 80's, and ghetto fabulous.
Using the same choreography they learned earlier in the day, the girls hit the runway. Things seem to go ok despite a few mistakes (the biggest being Sarah's breasts deciding to play a game of peek-a-boo) and in the end Brittany is crowned the winner, receiving a huge trophy with a spray-painted shoe on the top. Roy Campbell gives all the girls some feedback, and he tells Jaslene that she looked lost and made the most mistakes, which floors her.
Back home some of the girls are making comments how the girls that thought they were on top are now on the bottom, which is an obvious stab at Jaslene who overhears their comments. Although she counters with her Cha Cha Diva attitude, when she calls her mom later to talk it out she's in tears.
The next Tyra Mail says, "I'm so glad we're B.F.F.'s. Good luck in all you do and don't forget to K.I.T." Normall this would be hard enough to decipher, but since Natasha is allowed to read the messsage it's nearly impossible to comprehend. Turns out the girls are modeling as high school cliches (i.e. the cheerleader, the tramp, the teacher's pet, etc.).
As the "clown" Renee struggles, and during the other girls' photo shoots complains that they got assignments that she could have excelled at, especially Jaslene. She feels that Jaslene is always given themes where she can be fierce whereas Renee is given more difficult tasks. Jaslene feels Renee is just making excuses.
Samantha is still struggling with fitting in at the house. Seeing Jael wearing a black wig, panties and the Tyra Mail as a top just makes her more uncomfortable. She doesn't understand how she can feel so alone in a house full of people.
At panel the photos that stand out belong to Brittany, Felicia, Jael and especially Jaslene. But when talking about how the other girls are hating on her she starts to break down a little. The judges tell her to get used to it; in this business people are going to smile in your face then stab you in the back. Some of the weaker photos belong to Samantha, Whitney and Natasha.
After deliberations, Samantha and Natasha end up in the bottom two. Although they both have strong faces, the judges feel that Samantha is a little young for the business, and that Natasha may not be photogenic. In the end, Samantha's lack of life experience sends her home. Tyra reassures her that all she needs is a little more time, and maybe she can make it as a model.
While she's sad, Samantha is excited to be able to go home and see her family. And perhaps somewhere down the line she'll try modeling again, but for now God's plan for her doesn't include being in the competition.
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