America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 3

The Girls Who Go To Prom

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on The CW

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  • The girls go to a highschool where they learn the model walk and the dress up as highschool cliches.

    I though that a high school themed episode was a great idea. I really enjoyed watching them learn how to walk the right way. It was interesting to see who could master walking in the right directions. I was actually surprised that there was so much confusion. One of the best parts of the prom dress challenge was that the people who were so confident and thought they did great were told that they were doing it all wrong. For me the photo shot where they dressed up as typical high school stereotypes was the best part. I thought it was really interesting to see how they did their photos. I was also impressed by how well they did. In the first episode I was worried because none of them seemed to do very well but most of them stepped it up and put a lot of emotion into their photographs.
    I was a little disappointed that Samantha left, since she had been one of my favorites, but eliminating her made the most sense. She just does not have the extremely outgoing personality that is needed to be a model. Overall I thought it was a very interesting episode.