America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 2

The Models Go Green

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2007 on The CW
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Episode Summary

The models are introduced to their new "green" form of transportation by Jay Manuel. Later on, they move into their mansion and J. Alexander gives them a lesson on style. Soon after, a feud breaks out between two contestants, and another starts to feel out of place. Finally, the ladies participate in a photo shoot portraying the negative aspects of smoking.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • So this season it seems like the house is filled with caddy a** b****.

    Okay so this is the first time we see the final 13 interact and i did not like what I saw. These girls took every opportunity they took to make fun of Heather and the entire time im thinking , mind yo own damn businuess you just gotta do you and be yo self , dont worry about nobody else. The girls have a photo shoot showing the negative effects of smokeing and for Bianca her effect image is what she looks like on the inside. Lisa; you gotta do what you gotta do to surivive and follow your heart , wow for a wh***, just kidding , thats deep I like Lisa. Victoria ; the other girls talk about Heather behind her back but i dont do stuff like that. you go baby , i like Victoria too she puts, me in the mind of Kathlen, cycle 4. Tyra ; this season there is no smokeing. Way to go Tyra take a stand , but i should have been done a long time ago. Okay the winner for this episode is goin to my girl Heather because she rose above all the b***in and the haters. the loser is Mila because i think ive met bread smarter then her a**. The leason for this one is , dont worry about anything else you just gotta do you and brush then haters off your shoulders.moreless
  • The girls have a challenge portraying the effects of smoking

    OK, I realize that smoking is an important issue, but I don't watch America's Next Top Model to hear anybody's political statements about being green, smoking or really anything else. I watch this show because it's not serious and this episode was a little too serious for me. On another note, I am really really excited that the Mila girl got kicked off because she seems so dumb. Like the lights were on but no one was home. She seemed to be totally confused about everything! it was pretty funny to watch but I don't know that I could have put up with it for the entire season. I definitely like Lisa as my favorite I think. Her photo was definitely the best.moreless
  • Tyra needs to practice what she preaches. Only ONE person smokes this season. Then she says she can't smoke because young girls

    will smoke because they see model's smoking. Well she's pushing young girls to become anorexic. Look at Jaslene, that young women is nothing but skin and bones. Someone should feed her a good meal. This season there are also some extremely thin women and I think it's disgusting. If my daughter was that thin, she would be in a doctor's office not on a modeling competition. Not to mention Tyra is stepping on the rights of the young woman who does smoke. She could tell the woman to smoke outside the house and they don't have to film her smoking. Not to mention the language that the girls use. That's nice for young girls to hear and see. They leave in the word b word and fuzz out everything else. Like we don't know what there saying. Going Green is a joke on that show. Big deal, bio fuel bus. How much plastic and ohter chemicals were used to build that house and other sets. How many vehicles are used to film this show, used by every person on the show. If you use a vehicle don't preach about smoking, you put more carcinogens in our air then a cigarette does. Tyra is a HYPOCRITE. Power makes people change. Used to like her.moreless
  • They have an interesting photo shoot, where they realize what smoking leads to

    I don't see why a lot of people didn't like this episode. I liked the whole no smoking rule. On a reality show they definatly have the right to do something like this. If the girls don't like it they can leave. The photo shoot was a really good idea. It was cool to see the side effects they came up with. It did a good job introducing how big of a problem smoking is in the modeling world. The one problem I had with this episode was the Green theme. It seems like they are trying too hard to promote good values. It was just kind of randomly put in there. They should have made their shoot more about it if they wanted to incorporate it. The getting dressed at Old Navy challenge was interesting, although I didn't think the girls did well. As usual there was a lot of drama between the girls in the beginning. Heather really makes the show good because she is such an underdog, and it is really neat that she would even go on the show. I am also find several other girls that I like. I was glad Mila left. The way she always smiled just made me think she was so fake.moreless
  • Mood swings aside, the side effects of not smoking are very unpleasant, not to mention the possibility of weight gain that may occur, causing great dismay. Ms. Banks should provide these girls with nicotine patches, or some form of support for quitting.moreless

    The episode, aside from the usual "I'm better than all of them" attitudes was pretty good, and I do applaud the show for taking a stand and singling out the effects of smoking, but I'm not so sure making all the girls quit - cold turkey - is such a good idea. What happens if one of the girls sneaks a smoke in the bathroom and someone tells on her? Does she go home? Do we listen to another of Tyra's "when I first started modeling" stories? And as I mentioned, the effects of quitting smoking are very difficult to deal with at any age, but especially at a young age, when you are already under an enormous amount of pressure. I think the photo shoot should have been enough. I wish all the girls luck, and pray that they show some grace and kindness when interacting with the young girl who has asperger's. It is very slight, and she seems to be handling it much better than those who have no such burdens.moreless
Jay Manuel

Jay Manuel

Art Director/Makeup Artist

J. Alexander

J. Alexander

Judge/Runway Coach

Nigel Barker

Nigel Barker

Judge/Photographer (Season 2+)

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks


Twiggy Lawson

Twiggy Lawson


Mila Bouzinova

Mila Bouzinova

Contestant - Cycle 9

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • This is the first Cycle ever that smoking is banned in the house. Jenah is a smoker but must quit.

    • Call Out Order


      Bottom Two: Ebony and Mila.
      Mila was the first girl eliminated because she did not take the photoshoot seriously, and could not stop laughing during her photoshoot.

    • The photo shoot this week was about the negative affects of smoking. The girls took two pictures: the first looking glamorous while smoking and the second one was the reflection of what smoking did to their body.

    • The challenge this week was to put together a "model" outfit in only ten minutes at Old Navy. The girls had to wear the outfit to panel and the judges would pick a winner. Saleisha is the winner. She gets a 1,000 dollar shopping spree at Old Navy and gets to appear in an Old Navy ad.

    • The limo for the girls this year is a limo bus that is 100% bio diesel. The bus reads "Green is the New Black."

    • Lisa was in foster care for 6 years as a child.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Bianca: I don't think Lisa has what it takes to be America's Next Top Model.

    • Mila: I really didn't think I would be the first one to go home. Like, I was pretty sure I was gonna win so I'm really kind of surprised.

    • Jay Manuel: I've seen you walk and perform with a group of girls around you and you were like, "Uh-un, honey. You're going to remember me!" And you know what? You stood out and that's why you're here.
      Ebony: Yeah, but I felt that when I did that, like, that made the girls not like me, or...
      Jay Manuel: Well, who cares?!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Bianca: I'm ready to throw a cell phone.

      Bianca is referring to supermodel Naomi Campbell, who was arrested and charged with assault for allegedly throwing a cell phone at her assistant's head in 2006. (This scenario was also recreated in the first photo shoot in ANTM Cycle 7.)