America's Next Top Model

Season 11 Episode 1

The Notorious Fierce Fourteen

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 03, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Top Model has hit Cycle 11 with its two hour season premiere - and based on the first half of the episode, it's fairly clear Tyra & Co. really want to emphasize the whole "looking toward the future" theme of the show. At the start of the episode, the new batch of girls are greeted at the "Top Model Institute of Technology" by the J's - or shall we say Alpha Jay and Beta J; sporting some seriously tight silver metallic jackets and white hair. When the girls finally relax with their squealing of excitement, they all put on some exceptionally flattering spandex outfits and wait to be photographed. A few ridiculously cheesetastic special affect later, Tyra appears in some black bra-dress type get-up and gives us her Oscar-winning Tyrabot performance. We finally get to meet the models and see what their stories are - and I have to say, casting really may have out-done themselves this season. As far as the girls who make the cut, here were the ones that stick out in my head: There's the cocky underwear-toting girl who can't even name five designers [Sharaun]. The gal who was almost sold to a Saudi Arabian [Annaleigh] is definitely one I won't forget (if for no other reason than her awesome street smarts). Clark-with-no-e reminds me of Serena on Gossip Girl, except bitchier (I secretly hope they shave all that blonde hair during makeovers). Then there's Frenchie who just rambles [Marjorie] and, as we heard about a couple weeks back, pre-op transgender Isis. Sheena does really look like Kimora and I'm a fan of her Harlem charm. The Alaskan bumpkin [Hannah] is going to get eaten alive by the other girls, and she probably should steer clear of the scary vegan [Elina]. (Note: Never trust anyone who only wears black and pants because she "doesn't believe in gender specific roles.") The flame-haired cage-fighter [McKey] seems, well, interesting. And the chick who just can't help but flash her boobs at anyone who will look [Nikeysha] made an impression the judges (though maybe not a good one). Of course, we can't forget about the Harvard lit grad [Susan] clearly slept with someone in admissions if she couldn't even think of one literary heroine. (See the recap for the next episode to find out what happens next!)