America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 3

Top Model Makeovers

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Well peeps, here we are! Another round of Top Model makeovers. Over the past 10 cycles, it's become customary to expect dye-jobs, weaves, and disapproving looks from the Jay's as the girls undergo their transformations and cry throughout the whole thing. Will this year be any different? I'm thinking that's a big N-O. If there's one thing this show has kept interesting since the beginning, it's the makeovers. So let's get to recapping. The episode started out with the girls lounging around the apartment talking about who they thought their biggest competition might be. Despite having been in the bottom 4 last week, Dominique seemed pretty confident in her modeling ability. Just as the girls were starting to get to know each other a little better, the doorbell rang and outside were 12 white bags filled with Applebottom products. Cue the screeching girls. While the rest of gals went gaga over their new stuff, Lauren once again expressed how much of a tomboy she is and how wearing high-heeled shoes is not her thing. By the way, maybe I missed it but did she ever explain why she auditioned for this show in the first place? Meanwhile, Allison took the time to let us know how much better she thinks she is than the rest of the girls because she has experience modeling overseas. We get one of those every season and they never last! Moving on, while still reveling in the excitement of their new threads the claws came out when Fatima asked for a definition of an apple-bottom. When the other girls told her that Allison's butt was the epitome of an apple-bottom, Fatima quickly retorted with "Well that's just cause she's a bigger girl!" Not cool! Upon hearing this, Allison ran into another room and immediately began measuring her waist and confessed off-camera to have struggled with an eating disorder all of her life. Fatima felt a bit of guilt for making that comment but insisted (just like every cycle's bitchy model does) that she's here to win and not make friends. Just in time to break the tension, a Tyramail came on the message board. After a short ride in their limo taxi, the girls arrived at a Walmart for their first challenge. They met with Brent Poer from Covergirl who informed the models that their challenge was to shop for cosmetics to create a natural look for themselves in only 5 minutes. As the girls hustled around the Covergirl section, Allison announced how she thought she was doing better than the rest of the models. However, Claire was chosen as the winner and Allison was called out for overdoing it a bit. When the girls returned home, Claire confessed that she was in the competition to provide a better life for her child which inspired the rest of the models to share their own stories. Meanwhile, in the other room the tension between Allison and Fatima was still there. This time, Allison was playing with a Barbie doll that she deemed to be Fatima and said "I'm Fatima, I like to take it in the back cause I'm black!" which sent Fatima over the edge. Although I completely disagreed with Fatima's earlier comments, Allison had no reason to bring Fatima's race into it. No amount of obnoxious comments from Fatima could have justified Allison turning this into a race issue. The next day, the girls received another Tyramail informing them that it was makeover time. When they arrived at the salon, Mr and Miss Jay told them there were several surprises in store and only Tyra herself could tell them what they are. For this cycle, rather than telling the girls what they can expect from their new look, everything was going to be kept secret until the transformations were complete. So here's the rundown: Anya went platinum blonde, Whitney got a blonde weave, Aimee got a red dye-job and bangs, Marvita got what Tyra called a horse mane weave, Lauren got a reddish-blonde weave, Katarzyna got a dark dye-job, Claire got shaved (to even out the side that was already shaved) and dyed blonde, Fatima got a brown dye-job and a weave, Allison got a reddish dye-job, Dominique got chopped and dyed, Stacy-Ann got clipped, and Amis got a blonde weave. Overall, I thought the girls looked great but I'll have more on that later. With their new looks, the girls were ready for their post-makeover photo shoot. Before the models could get in front of the camera, Mr. Jay introduced a surprise guest who could offer them some career advice: Elle Macpherson. As a complete 180 from Paulina's advice last week, Elle actually gave the girls some constructive criticism that they could take with them even after the competition. Fatima, Claire, and Aimee totally rocked their new look but Lauren, Allison, and Dominique seemed to struggle a bit. When the Tyramail came in letting the girls know they had to face the panel again, Lauren and Dominique were noticeably worried while Allison remained confident she'd still have her spot after elimination. The judges ripped into Allison's forced poses and criticized how the stylist seemed to cover up Whitney's curves (not her fault, but they still seemed to hold it against her.) In the end, the judges had to choose between Dominique and Allison. They finally decided to send Allison packing. With all of her arrogance and trash-talking throughout the entire episode, I can't say I'm surprised. Especially when at panel Tyra compliemented Allison, saying she looked so pretty and Allison replied with, "I know!" I'm sure Tyra couldn't help but be a little irked that a model-wanna-be didn't swoon at the prospect of being given a compliment, and that's probably what sealed her doom.