America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 5

Top Model Takes It to the Streets

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Oh boy...after last week's meat photo shoot I couldn't wait to see what Tyra had up her sleeve for this week's Top Model!. This week's episode marks the return of Benny Ninja and yet another model friend. As things got underway, Fatima was upset about being in the bottom two last week and Dominique began spouting off about how this is her competition to win, which pretty much meant there was a good chance she'd be going home by the end of the hour. This show is becoming as formulaic as a horror movie. It's just like when someone says "I'll be right back" and you know they're about to die. Whitney complains to the camera about how Dominique doesn't stop running her mouth, which just makes me love her even more. I truly hope she can break the curse of the plus-sized girls this cycle. It wasn't long before the girls had to hop into the fab cab and head over to a lesson with Benny Ninja and international supermodel Vendela. Once again, Benny Ninja was sporting quite the outfit. He taught the girls how to pose for catalog, commercial, and couture. As the girls showed off what they could do, Benny told Whitney she looks like Anna Nicole. When the girls got back to the house, it was time for some drama over phone time. Really? Doesn't this happen every cycle? Dominique was annoyed that Whitney's phone list wasn't totally clear and that her condescending looks piss everyone off. Then, out of nowhere, Dominique accused Whitney of being a racist. didn't make much sense to me either. Whitney didn't take it lightly and used some harsh (censored) words to defend herself. What good timing for a Tyra-mail. The ladies made their way to the 5 Pointz in Brooklyn where they participated in a pose-off challenge. Did it make anyone else think of Zoolander? First up, Dominique faced off against Claire and they tied. Lauren went up against Marvita and whooped her butt. Anya was against Stacy-Ann and Stacy-Ann took it. Whitney was pitted against Fatima (who tried to cheat) but Whitney won when she dropped into a split. Vendela thought this meant Whitney wasn't being serious about the competition and just joking around, which really didn't make any sense to me. Aimee went against Kat and Kat won the challenge for her team. In the end, Claire was awarded the extra gift (a trip to Bora Bora) while the rest of her team got to hit up a swag tent. Back at the loft, the girls goofed off a bit while Fatima practiced her posing and complained (yet again) that nobody else takes the competition as seriously as she does. The next morning it was time to put all that practice to good use when the models woke up for their photo shoot. This week the idea was a bit more tame than the meat shoot. The girls were taking close-up shots with paint splattered all over their faces. While the other girls got their make-up done, Marvita got all down on herself and doubted her modeling abilities. Overall, Lauren, Stacy-Ann, and Claire rocked it while Whitney, Fatima, and Marvita struggled. Though my earlier prediction was that Dominique might be packing her bags, after the photo shoot it seemed Marvita would actually be the one not making it to the next elimination. At the judging panel, Vendela questioned how serious Whitney is about the competition and Marvita was questioned about her recent depression. The rest of the girls seemed to take some good photos. When it came time to send someone home it was between Whitney and Marvita (I guess my whole horror movie analogy didn't really apply.) The judges sent Marvita home and gave Whitney the benefit of the doubt. Phew, I was convinced the plus-sized curse was rearing its ugly head again. So there it is...another elimination. I was actually a little sad to see Marvita go home. She rubbed me the wrong way at first but they definitely did a great job in showing her friendlier side this week. Fatima, on the other hand, needs to go. It's great that she takes the competition seriously but nobody likes a teacher's pet. Plus, her beauty doesn't outshine her nasty attitude. But as we all know, the villian can't go home just yet.