America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 10

Viva Italia!

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Hello Top Model fans! So we're off to Rome. This is gonna be hiii-larious. These girls barely have a grasp on the English language so it'll be fun to watch them struggle with Italian. Even though we all knew it would work out for Fatima last week, I was kinda hoping it wouldn't and all of her hard work would be meaningless due to misplaced travel documents. Yeah, I'm just in one of those moods tonight. The girls touched down in Rome and were blown away by what they've accomplished thus far. Lauren, as she tends to do every week, explained how she never expected to make it to this point and how she was blown away by it. If only the look on her face expressed that! You'd think as a model the girl would be able to convey the emotion she claims to be feeling. But then again, this is Lauren and we all know she loves playing the anti-model model. As the girls hopped off the bus and onto the Italian cobblestone street, poor Anya fell flat on her face. What a way to kick off the final 6. The driver handed the girls a Tyra-mail directing them to their new home and the place was straight outta MTV's The Real World. Anyone else remember when all the remaining girls were forced to share 1 hotel room? Was that cycle 1? As the girls settled into their new residence, Fatima felt ill and tried to sleep it off while the rest of the girls dined on an Italian feast and talked smack about her. Anya felt sorry for Fatima and brought her food rather than joining in on the trash-talking. The next morning, Lauren awoke at the crack of dawn and start acting all punk rock by making a lot of noise and tossing luggage around the room. The other girls weren't too happy about it and made some comments trying to get her to keep quiet. Fatima tried to catch a few more minutes of sleep while the other girls read the newest Tyra-mail. The ladies rode segways on a guided tour around the city to observe the local fashion trends. At the end of the tour, the girls were presented with their challenge with designer Gai Mattiolo which was to recreate the fashions they observed on the streets of Rome. Although I thought Kat and Whitney sported the Italian look flawlessly, Mattiolo awarded Anya (again!) with the challenge prize. I need to throw in though how much it annoys me that Whitney has taken to complaining after not winning the challenges each and every week. I love ya honey but enough already! When the top 6 got back to their new home, another Tyra-mail was waiting for them to let them know the Cover Girl shoot would be their next event. BRING IT ON! The looks on all of their faces as they realized the commercials would be an Italian would have made quite the photo shoot in itself. Lauren seemed to be the most concerned with it. Regardless, the next morning the girls were off to their shoot. As has always been the case, the girls were told to learn their lines for a commercial to be shot in Italian. As everyone predicted, Anya and Lauren pretty much butchered it. Kat seemed to do well but Mr. Jay thought she was a little lifeless. Dominique had the energy down but lacked any understanding of the words she was speaking. The director felt Fatima did the best despite admitting to being sick. And then there was Whitney. Mr. Jay really seems to dislike her. He was right that she didn't do well with the shoot but didn't he seem harder on her than anyone else? The girls went home and Whitney was pretty upset by the feedback she had gotten. Later that night the girls were off to meet with the panel. Fatima's commercial was first, and Tyra was concerned that if she was the best of the day (as Mr. Jay had said), the rest must be pretty awful. When Whitney stepped forward, Tyra said she liked it but everyone else agreed that she seemed to be phoning it in. The entire panel thought Anya did a pretty horrible job. It was the same story with Dominique when the judges cracked up throughout her entire commercial. Lauren was told she looked beautiful but obviously delivered the same awkwardness that has become routine for her. Kat was told she did better than everyone else but still not very good. Tyra tried to have the girls practice their flirtatious laugh before she sent them away and when Lauren didn't even attempt it, it pretty much sealed the deal that she'd be going home. The bottom two were Whitney and Lauren. One who overdoes it and one who doesn't even try. Hmm, tough choice. Later Lauren! we're down to 5.
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