America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 10

Viva Italia!

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2008 on The CW

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  • The girls arrive in Rome, there challenge is walking in clothing and there photoshoot was a CoverGirl commerical in Italian.

    The girls arrive in Rome, where they tour the city before going to their new home. Not long after, Fatima comes down with a fever and Anya helps her by bringing her dinner while Dominique gossips about her. Claudio Brassini gives the girls a fashion tour on Segways. Then they go to their challenge, where Gai Mattiolo judges their walks and how they look in his clothing. Anya wins the challenge and her prize is a long, white, red carpet dress, designed by Gai Mattiolo. The girls film a CoverGirl commercial in Italian. Fatima, Katarzyna and Whitney are the only ones able to get their lines out fully. Jay calls out Whitney for acting too fake, Katarzyna for being too flat, while naming Fatima the best of the day. Anya's lines are unintelligible, Dominique overacts and doesn't get many words right, while Lauren gives up, saying that she is not a CoverGirl. At judging, only Tyra likes Whitney's commercial; the other judges thought it was too pretentious. Katarzyna is given credit for showing more personality, Anya and Dominique's commercials are laughed at, but Anya's flirtatiousness and Dominique's energy is praised. Lauren is criticized for showing no desire. Lauren and Whitney land in the bottom two, Whitney for her fake personality, and Lauren for her lack of confidence and tenacity. Tyra eventually hands the photo to Whitney, telling her to "get real" and Lauren is sent home.
  • The girls are headed to Rome! What drama lies ahead...

    Viva Italia, the girls got to see the beautiful Rome! You'd think the first thing you wanna do is hit the streets, Anya hit the ground instead. Anyways, it was a good episode. For their challenge, they had to walk for Gai Matiolo, an Italian fashion designer. Anya killed it (and won the challenge), while others struggled. In the meanwhile, Fatima got sick, and we see what caring person Anya is. Then there came.. TYRA MAIL! Facile, brezza, bella, you might've guessed it: Easy Breasy Beautiful Covergirl! The models had to do a commercial for CG, but here's the catch, they had to do it in Italian. To me it sounded really funny how everyone tried to pronounce the words. Fatima worked it, it was kinda flirtatious. Whitney faked the whole thing. Katarzyna was awesome to me, a bit dull maybe, but at least she pulled it off. Lauren.. Dear Lord have mercy, it was painful to watch. Dominique was all over the place (and she scared me with those scary dragqueen eyebrows when she walked towards the camera), and Anya's accent didn't really work for her in this shoot.

    Eventually it was Lauren who was headed back home. It was not because of lack of potential, because she's got some beautiful pics. They thought she was too 'awkward'. It was kind of funny, Katarzyna was crackin' up in the back when the judges showed Lauren's commercial XD Love ANTM, can't wait for the next episode!
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