America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 11

We Are Spartans!

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

So tonight's episode started out with the usual chitter-chatter from the ladies. Whitney is freaking out from her botched performance on the last shoot, and Fatima is being exceptionally conceited. Then came the "Tyra-mail" and the girls were off. Where they ended up; in a Roman colusseum for a little lesson in--wait for it--gladiator combat. Fatima couldn't really seem to grasp the concept, but then again, graceful decapitation is probably trickier than it sounds. As a little surprise, instead of a pose-off type challenge, the girls had a "photo challenge" where they each were given five frames to pose while fighting a goliath-sized, grunting gladiator. Anya paid attention during class and did well, Kat not so much. Fatima tanked. And Dominique, our favorite, must have gotten confused and thought the challenge was who could emulate the Karate Kid crane post best. But the winner--Whitney. I do love how Tyra and Co. tried to stir up some trouble by offering 1,000 Euro shopping spree that Whitney could have had for herself or split with a friend. Whether she's a good person or just didn't want to look like a greedy bastard on national television, she decided to split her winnings with Anya. And then came the moment you all were waiting for--Tyra playing photographer (with her ego in tow). The girls hit up a sweet, fresco-drenched castle for a "modern interpretation of the Renaissance." All I can say is last I checked, there's nothing Renaissance about those heinous wigs, no matter what kind of "modern" spin you put on it. Since there was only five girls, and we heard Tyra and Jay's comments after each one, it was cake predicting that the bottom two would be the only ones Tyra had anything negative to say about, Kat and Whitney. At the panel, after Tyra so graciously welcomed the girls in French (yes, they are in Rome), Anya was up first. They couldn't get enough of her. But WAIT. We had to turn the attention back to Tyra...could you believe she never worked with artificial light?! Good thing the pic of her mom was included in the episode! Anywho, moving on, the judges loved Fatima and Dominique. But thank God they commented on Dominique's keen fashion sense with those maroon leggings of hers because I was dying when I saw that outfit. Neither Kat nor Whitney did much to impress the judges leaving them, as predicted, in the bottom two. And the unlucky chicky tonight--Kat. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that decision. Apparently the fact that Kat is stunning and the fan favorite wasn't enough to keep her safe. Maybe I'm just bitter that she went home and Dominique is in the final four. So many questions after tonight's episode: Did the right person go home? Could it be a plus-sized model may be the next Top Model? Was Paulina's comment about Dominique's face having "interesting bones" was her PC way of saying she looks like a tranny? Tune in next week!