America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 1

Welcome to Top Model Prep

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model! It seems like only yesterday we were all flipping out over Tyra's decision to crown Saleisha the cycle 9 winner. Now, in an attempt to inject a little life into the show, Tyra and company are heading to Manhattan. Will a change of location be enough to get us disappointed fans interested again? I sure hope so. After a short countdown of flashbacks from the past 9 cycles, the new season kicked off rather suddenly by introducing us to this years crop of 35 aspiring models as they rode a bus to Top Model Prep. Upon arriving, the two J's met with the girls and gave them the rundown for this year's competition. Before class could begin at Top Model Prep the hopefuls had to change into their school uniforms and pose for photo IDs. After that, it was off to runway class with Miss J. The class gave the girls a chance to prove their worth this early in the competition. Girls like Dominique and Fatima certainly proved they had the confidence to make it through to the house but we all know that Tyra prefers to mold her Top Model over taking a girl who thinks too highly of her own abilities. Later in the day, the top 35 made their way to the football field for a pep rally featuring some familiar faces from past cycles including Jael, and twins Amanda and Michelle. It was here that Mr. and Miss J announced to the girls that this season will be taking place in New York City. The J's also announced that they were about to crown a homecoming queen. As all the girls began to get excited over the thought of being crowned homecoming queen and practically being offered a spot in the house, the real queen came busting out from behind the backdrop. Tyra had finally arrived! While performing her annual attempt at acting, one of the girls pulled a slick move to stand out among the crowd of screaming girls. Allison was the only girl smart enough to use the opportunity to make herself known as Tyra egged on the girls by pretending to be a promiscuous homecoming queen claiming to have slept with the other girls' boyfriends. Confused? Yeah, me too...but at a certain point you just have to accept that this is what Tyra does and enjoy her bizarre antics. Following the pep rally, it was time for the girls to introduce themselves to Tyra and the J's while the rest of the girls waited together in the back room. As each girl came out and explained why they should be America's Next Top Model, the rest got to know their competition a little better. Negative criticism was tossed back and forth and a fight erupted when Fatima (the Somalian-born NYU student) said some of the other girls acted too ghetto. The girls were ready to throw down but quickly calmed down upon learning about Fatima's tragic past being a victim of female circumcision. Although most of the girls zipped their lips and helped to console Fatima, Marvita (the girl who is shaping up to be the instigator of the cycle) decided it would be appropriate to ask if being circumcised made her feel like less of a woman. This was one of those moments that regardless of being hard of hearing, it calls for some closed captioning to make sure you heard correctly and yes folks, she did in fact go there. Clearly the girl is not a Mensa member. Anyhow, after each girl had their time in front of the judges it was time for the first cut. I was happy with the decisions they made in who to send home first. Shaya, Shalynda, and Marguerite were all pretty girls but none of them had that Top Model look. After the first cut, the remaining girls were told to put on identical outfits and apply their own makeup to add their own flair to the shoot. While most of the girls applied the typical makeup job, both Allison and Lauren (the punk rocker) saw an opportunity to once again make themselves stand out a bit. Fatima took a little longer to prep herself for the shoot but showed commitment to putting out the best quality photos she could produce. Shortly after, it was time for Mr. Jay to meet up with Tyra and Miss J to discuss the most recent set of photos and decide which 13 girls would be moving into the house. Those girls are: Allison, Fatima, Katarzyna, Kimberly, Stacy-Ann, Aimee, Amy, Claire, Whitney, Marvita, Lauren, Atalya, and Anya. But wait...just when the tears started to flow and the chosen girls rejoiced, Tyra announced that one more girl would be joining the other 13 in the house. The late addition to the house was Dominique (the girl who has amazing self-confidence but the other girls described as an over-tanned drag queen.) So there ya have it! The girls of cycle 10 have been chosen and a new season is underway in a new city. At the end of episode 1, I've gotta say I have a lot more hope for this season than I did at the start of the last cycle. My early favorites would have to be Claire (the girl who said she drinks her own breast milk), Lauren (the punk rocker), Allison (the tear-drop makeup girl) and Fatima (the one who said the other girls were too ghetto.) I would have liked to see Kristen make it in over Kimberly (the ditzy blonder) or the incredibly annoying Stacy-Ann but I'm definitely satisfied with what we were given. Now we just gotta wait and see how the makeovers come out. I wonder if we'll have another Tootie on our hands.