America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 1

Welcome to Top Model Prep

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2008 on The CW

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  • The Girls go throught a firce Top model school

    Okay their back , cycle 10 ya'll. Okay so we have a couple of really preety looking girls and some that are not. so they take a couple pictures ( girl whos name i cant remember ; oh , do you want me to pose ? ) no just stand there lol. so then its time for home comeing and they have some of the favorites as cheerleaders , Furonda , The Twins , Jael , Joannie ( and apparently Marvita couldnt remember her name , aw. ) Jay; and the homecomeing queen is.
    Tyra pops out. Okay , Tyra has done some amazing things before , being able to hold up her head while haveing a weave of that size on her head is the most amazing thing ive ever seen her do , where did she get all that hair from , theres probobly a farm full of bald , naked horses somewhere , lol. so the final 14 are choosen and they are going to New York ! Okay my winner for this episode is Allison ( Tyra ; i slept with all of your boyfriends Allison; I slept with yours. Tyra ; what you slept with my man. Allison ; We can share. Tyra ; alright. ) she shut Tyra down. The loser is Marvita , she is just not Top Model material and she needs ALOT more therapy and class.
  • love it

    i love it.

    i misses tyra & the girls. and i have to say... it looks better than ever. the girls are soo dramatic and overthetop but there are some that i actually like. tyra is at her craziest, which is always fun to see and miss J and Jay are... miss J and it. lol. in conclution, the episode rocked and it was deffinatly one of the antm im going to remember, cant wait to see episode 2 and how the new girls work the photoshooot. greay way to make a comeback. we missed it. ill be sure to write a review next week.
  • A great way to start off the season

    I liked this episode. I always get into it when they do highschool episodes, and I felt like having it be school themed for the first episode was a good idea. The school pictures were a good idea; for the first week it was just interesting to see them take a basic picture. I liked when they selected the homecoming queen and how they had girls from past seasons there.

    I wasn't really sure about all the girls they selected. I really wanted Kristen to make it through and I was sure she would. Some of the girls seem a little out there but some of them should be interesting.
  • I think there will be much more drama, emotions and cat fights this cycle.

    Cycle 10 starts with 35 candidates for ANTM. They attend the top model prep class, J. Alexander and Jay Manuel being their teacher. After some screaming they put on school uniforms and have their first photos shooten for their school ID's. The first runway gives some ideas who will be running for ANTM.
    My personal favourites are Fatima, Dominique, Allison and Katarzyna.
    I think there will be much more drama, emotions and cat fights this cycle.
    After a second photo shoot only fourteen girls remain and they travel to New York City. In the next episode we will see them on the Times Square prior to the most shocking elimination on ANTM.
  • love the new girls!hope it's not dissapointed!>.

    i love the new girls!they fresh,and seems cool!
    although i feel that my ears are gonna deaf because they always scream like some ghosts chasing them!

    my favorite girls are kimberly,fatima,and whitney.

    kimberly,because she's so funny and yeah,she's
    (now it's so cliche that blonde hair is always dumb,right?)
    but i do hope that she will be taking a good photograph.

    fatima,because she's fierce!i think she's will be a successful model without going in to the antm.and yeah,she's look likes iman!!

    and last,is whitney.i hope she will become the first plus size girl to win because in antm,plus size always ended up in the middle in the competition. i can't wait to see the next episode!tyra said it will be the most shocking elimination.let's just wait and see!!