America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 4

Where's The Beef?

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Last week, Allison was sent packing which eliminated a small portion of the cattiness in the house, but we've still got a long way to go before this becomes a clean competition. This week, the girls finally got a chance to learn some things from Miss J and then utilized their newly acquired skills as they walked the runway in a Tuleh fashion show. Let's get to recapping!

The episode started out with a couple of the girls giving some friendly advice to Lauren about how she could stay in the judges good graces. Meanwhile, the leading candidate to win the title for cycle 10 villain, Fatima, sat alone and muttered to herself as she watched Aimis have fun with the other girls. I couldn't be more over Fatima constantly reminding us how badly she wants to win the competition. Every one of those girls is in it to win or else they would've dropped out with that other girl a few weeks back. If your only shot at success in this world is using your pretty face and petite frame to earn a living, it's gonna be a tough life. Consider learning Powerpoint or something as a fallback plan. Anyhow, a Tyramail came in shortly after letting the girls know they'd be doing something related to fire. The girls were then taken to a fire station where Miss J tested the girls' ability to do a quick change and then walk the runway. Fatima was the only girl who failed to complete the wardrobe change (she liked her shoes better than the ones Miss Jay provided). Suffice it to say Miss Jay was basically through with her after that. When it came to walking, Lauren and Fatima had the most trouble.

After returning home, the models were in quite the mood. Upon mentioning that she was going to be hitting the showers, Aimee felt the wrath of Marvita and Dominique who objected to the fact that she didn't want anyone else to enter the bathroom during that time. It seems Aimee is terrified of anyone seeing her in the buff, which begs the question--how has she been getting by during the runway shows when you have to change in front of total strangers? When Whitney tried to come to Aimee's rescue, Fatima went on the attack and told the other girls to direct their comments to Whitney because she's the one starting the drama. I really had no clue why such a big stink was made but I imagine that so many girls got involved because it was an opportunity to get some more camera time. Some of these girls have yet to make a single comment in the confessional and yet every 5 minutes Fatima's got another thing to chime in about. Can you tell I'm starting to dislike her?

The next day the girls took what they learned at the fire station and used it as they walked in a Tuleh fashion show. Before the girls could begin prepping, Miss J introduced suprise guests Ann Shoket (editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine) and Jaslene (cycle 8's winner) who let the models know the challenge prize was a spread with Jaslene in Seventeen. Apparently Jaslene's not quite out of our lives yet. With only a few minutes to change into their clothes, some of the girls had wardrobe malfunctions (Whitney and Fatima) while others just didn't walk well (Amis and Lauren.) When the winner was being announced, Jaslene called on Lauren and asked if she really wanted to be a model. It seemed to strike a chord with Lauren who finally seemed to acknowledge how badly she wants to be in this game. They should work out a deal where Lauren will take walking lessons if Jaslene goes into speech therapy. Accent, schmaccent! That girl's speaking issues go way deeper. Anyway, I digress. Katarzyna was crowned winner of the challenge.

When another Tyramail flashed on the board, it was time for this week's photo shoot. The girls made their way to the meat-packing district where they were informed they'd be photographed wearing slabs of meat as clothing. Did anyone else get the impression they're running out of ideas for these shoots? Although some of the girls gave good shots, it seemed like many of them were trying to figure out a good angle to approach such a bizarre theme. Lauren rocked it by evoking Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. Whitney also seemed to handle it well by acting frightened by the whole situation. Following the shoot, the ladies were told to prepare for another elimination.

As the girls lined up in front of the panel, Tyra decided to switch things up a bit by singing the judges names and the prizes they were playing for. It wasn't nearly as bad as her homecoming queen bit from the premiere but cringeworthy nonetheless. Just as Stacy-Ann pointed out before they left for panel, there was no doubt that Amis was going to get some major scolding for bumming it up for this week's elimination. These judges take everything seriously and she must have been crazy to think they wouldn't take notice of her lack of effort. But was it enough to get her sent home? Yeah, pretty much. After 10 cycles of this show, its clear that the one thing the judges can't stand is when a girl doesn't take the competition seriously and nobody makes a fool of Tyra Banks. Amis acted foolish throughout most of the episode both at the house with the other girls and even in front of Miss J at the firehouse lesson. When given the option to send home either Amis or Fatima, there was not really a choice to be made. Fatima's got the look and the drive (no matter how annoying she might be.) Later Amis!

In conclusion, I was completely content with the decision to send Amis home this week despite the fact that I'm still waiting to be wowed by some of the other girls like Stacy-Ann and Anya.