America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 4

Where's The Beef?

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 2008 on The CW

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  • This episode gets very interesting as the girls go to a fire station and do a photo shoot with meat.

    I loved the meat photo shot. It is great how they are able to come up with such origonal ideas, it makes it so much more fun to watch. I enjoyed seeing which girls were able to do well in such a unique situation and which ones weren't really sure of what they should do. I also liked getting a chance to see how they did on their runway walks. I enjoyed having Jaselene back, and getting her opinon of the girls, I also loved how they practiced walking at the fire station. In the end I was very happy to see Amis go. She was just to weird for me.
  • Why did they do that????

    I know that the photoshoots in America's Next Top Model are ment to be hard, and to test the contestants. But the photo shoot in this episode was not only gross and hard for the contestants but for the cute animals that were killed so the models could model meat. ANTM probably ran out of ideas and did not think of anything better to do. I think that it was cruel to use meat as an accesory. I'm not a vegan but it's one thing to use meat as food because God gave us animals to eat, but to use meat to decorate a picture is just sick and wrong. I don't think God likes that.
  • The first had to go walk down the runway and dress themselves before going on. Then they had to pose wearing meat in the meatpacking district.

    I thought this episode was very interesting because you wouldn't expect them to actually wear the meat. I have seen past America's Next Top Model episodes and they never bore me. There's always something new and surprising. Tyra is very creative in finding new projects and I love the fact that there is always a picture of her doing something similar to what the girls do. Also, the sides of the characters that are revealed is making me more attached to the show. What was Amis thinking when she walked into panel like that? That girl annoyed me so much. I wanted her to be gone from day one. The ones who bugged me more were gone so it made me feel better. Right now it doesn't really matter to me who's going to go next. Most of the annoying people are gone as of now.
  • Got Beef!?

    In this episode, the girls showcase their runway walk. I swear they get worse every year or maybe its just me. Fatima, who looks-wise is one of my favorites, has a comical walk. Katarzyna is easily one of my favorites as far as total package. Whitney doesn't get much attention but she does well and was the first call tonight. Some people actually skipped down the "runway"....and altogether it was pretty bad. Afterwards, the girls had to walk in a fashion show. Fatima misbuttoned. Lauren (I think) seem lost on the runway. Stacy-Ann and Aimee always seem lost, but all in all its still a really good show. A time and practice and everyone could be considerably better which I'm hoping as far as Fatima is concern. Love the show, episode is worth watching.