America's Psychic Challenge

Lifetime Premiered Oct 12, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Can the judges look each other in the eyes? Since when do Christians publically try to villify others in order to win prise money they can't win honestly. Show was good until the last minute. Jacqie has class graciousness + talent

    A pretty good show. I thought this might be authentic to the end...then I noticed a bias brewing. This was so transparent that I began to think the "underlying plot" was to actually make people so annoyed by the baited questions to the blonde girl when she was trying to find someone hiding... giving her psychic credit for "tapping into the emotions" ???? and Jacquie should have been scoring way higher..especially in "skeptic" challenge. Anyhow it almost seemed to be a try at causing viewers to become offput by the blonde girl who was being obviously favored. A good show..but next time (if) please keep it fair and don't throw the show at the end.