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America's Test Kitchen

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America's Test Kitchen is the most-watched cooking show on public television. The series is filmed in the Cook's Illustrated magazine test kitchen located outside Boston, Massachusetts. Each episode features recipes that have been carefully developed to make sure they work every time. Host Christopher Kimball and the test cooks use a common-sense, practical approach to solve everyday cooking problems, and they test equipment and taste supermarket ingredients to save consumers' time in the store.

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AIRED ON 6/27/2015

Season 15 : Episode 26

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  • lamb & veal vs other meats

    In a recent episode, you mentioned that much less lamb & veal is eaten than chicken, pork and beef. My input on that is many people dislike how the baby animals are treated before butchering. They (and me) have heard that the lambs and calves are taken from their mothers, confined to a cramped cage, force fed until they are killed. Prior to the final butchering, they are crying for their mothers. It is such a horrible scenario, and believed to increase toxins in the meat because of how they are kept before they die.moreless
  • Hold Still!


    Whenever any of you hold up an item to the camera, you lift it up and down as if to emphasize something. That makes it very difficult for the viewer to see what it is. Just hold the item STILL please. (All of you are guilty of
  • Presentations

    To make this short and to the point, Chris could you PLEASE STOP being so DRAMATIC when critiquing the finished dish when the women are presenting? You only do this with Bridget and Julia. The "ahhh, mmmm", and "this is the best dish I have ever eaten" is very annoying and so predictable.

    Would you please give the male cooks more dishes to present? They are so interesting and professional in their presentation. You obviously are intimidated by them, because you never exude your enthusiasm as much as you do when the women are presenting. In fact, you have very little to say.

    Lastly, we all know Julia can breathe, however, could she PLEASE STOP SMELLING every little thing? I counted her saying "Ahh that smells sooo good!" and "Doesn't that smell gooood?" over 10 times in one show.

    No one cares! She really need to stop the dramatics; the ohhing and ahhing, and "it tastes so good", and act more professional. Then, most disturbing, is when she rolls and crosses her eyes into her head when she tastes her own food! It is a real turnoff.

    Also, just another observation, shirt collars are to be worn down, not starched up. That was a 70's 80's thing and it looks totally inappropriate for her role.

  • whattaham

    bought a beautiful smoked old fashion Ham. Froze it. Thawed it. Sliced a couple of pieces off the ham and fried em up. the ham was so salty. i have the whole rest of the ham to cook. what can I do to make the Ham not so salty?

    btw, watch you every Saturday morning:}

  • Making smooth pudding

    What I have done for years is just mix the eggs into the milk and mix the cornstarch and sugar together than mix the two together and heat slowly. Great pudding every time. No lumps no straining no scrambled eggs.

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