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America's Test Kitchen is the most-watched cooking show on public television. The series is filmed in the Cook's Illustrated magazine test kitchen located outside Boston, Massachusetts. Each episode features recipes that have been carefully developed to make sure they work every time. Host Christopher Kimball and the test cooks use a common-sense, practical approach to solve everyday cooking problems, and they test equipment and taste supermarket ingredients to save consumers' time in the store.

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  • whattaham

    bought a beautiful smoked old fashion Ham. Froze it. Thawed it. Sliced a couple of pieces off the ham and fried em up. the ham was so salty. i have the whole rest of the ham to cook. what can I do to make the Ham not so salty?

    btw, watch you every Saturday morning:}

  • Making smooth pudding

    What I have done for years is just mix the eggs into the milk and mix the cornstarch and sugar together than mix the two together and heat slowly. Great pudding every time. No lumps no straining no scrambled eggs.
  • Answer to suggested Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwich approval -1.0

    Absolute junk! ! ! I make my own egg croissant; using a reheated Wal-Mart croissant, a fresh fried egg, and a reheated frozen breakfast sausage patty. In my opinion the suggested Jimmy Dean substitution is not fit for human consumption. It is a handful of rubbery unflavored junk. I have just reevaluated my opinion of your suggestions.
  • What's With All The Pork????


    Hello Chris and the Test Kitchen Staff -

    To be completely more blunt than the lady who wrote asking what to sub for bacon and panccetta - I will say what she did not say..... I'm not sorry at all about this as I have been holding it in for some years not - I am a die-hard fan and love every one of you no matter how this comes across.

    I am speaking up for all of us Jewish folk who are up to the challenge of mostly Bridget's recipies - and the rest of the primary focus on pork recipies and ingredients - to come up with the alternative ingredients that we can eat, while at the same time keeping in the spirit of the original recipies.

    Bridget's answer of "ham" instead of bacon totally missed the boat. Chris' suggestion of mushrooms was more to the point - I use chicken sausage, beef salami, bell or spicey peppers, or maybe tomatoe paste (which I actually learned from Julia) as alternatives to add to aeromatics. Also, a number of Thanksgivings ago, I tuned in to see a great recipe for a "Moist I dealt with the brining (not into cooking with salt (there are hundreds of other seasonings to use that are more healthy), but when it was said that "the only way to get a turkey to come out moist" was to cover the outside entirely with bacon before putting it in the oven - that took the cake! Most disappointing!

    I get a lot of great recipies from the ATK show. I just swap a prime rib roast or lamb or chicken for the pork and shell fish recipies.

    May I suggest that the show iknvest in a consultant who is a Jewish cook? This may help the ATK staff to be more sensitive to the Jewish population who loves to tune in - at least to suggest some alternative ingredients to pork products. Thank you for letting me get this through - it is sent with much love of cooking. Happy Days, Pamela Davis - Beaverton, Oregon -moreless
  • Poor business practices.

    This is not directly related to the TV show, but as this relates to the money making portion of their business. I thought this is pertinent to other viewers and might prevent them from having a similar issue. I ordered cookbooks and their monthly magazine from them last year. Today I received an unsolicited cookbook in the mail. It included a $30 bill and request for payment. I called customer service to inquire and was told I had received a postcard in the mail letting me know a preview was coming. Do not recall this as it likely was thrown away with the junkmail. I once again stated I did not order this book or sign up for this service. I was then given instructions to go online and in "3 easy steps" obtain a return label and then "simply" drop it off at the nearest USPS. Furthermore, as a courtesy they would delay my bill by 30 days. Apparently they have kept my credit card number from my previous purchases! At this point I was honestly livid. The representative then said she would remove me from their "preview" list. I never signed up for this service. This is apparently how they practice business. What a scam! I, like most people, have a busy work schedule and now have to take time out of my day to return their unwanted book.moreless
  • pea soup for dummies
    Did you see those two Julie and string been dude try to make pea soup !my dog would of run away from that crap, it was so lacking ...

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