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  • Sorry but the show just does't make it anymore...

    I cannot stand to watch this show anymore. I enjoyed it a lot when Chris was the lead but the two gals just don't cut it. In fact, they are copy-cats standing there like Chris used to do... but they do not have the charisma or dry sense of humor I really liked from Chris. I guess you all had differences with him but you should have started your own show instead of trying to assume his role. Does not work and I think you are all awful for having no creativity to do something new and original. I am watching Milk Street!
  • Surprise, surprise!

    As much as I have enjoyed America's Test Kitchen in the past and really thought it would not be the same without Chris, you kids are doing JUST FINE! Keep up the excellent work.
  • Carmen Miranda

    For the sake of your dignity and the future of the show, please never dress like that again (or sing)

    But, I threw away all my other cookbooks and only use intensive, but worth the results.

    I watch about 4 cooking shows with some consistency. I have learned the most from American's test kitchen. Chris has assembled a most sincere and authentic crew. I have tested many of the recipes and found them to be excellent. When I read a snarky review of this program I get angry. Why not be grateful and recognize the enormous amount of work and dedication that goes into a show where forced gayety is replaced with solid and tested instructions that REALLY WORK! How dare anyone take the time to criticize and be mean. Get a life and learn that kindness matters and learn how to cook for those you love.
  • lamb & veal vs other meats

    In a recent episode, you mentioned that much less lamb & veal is eaten than chicken, pork and beef. My input on that is many people dislike how the baby animals are treated before butchering. They (and me) have heard that the lambs and calves are taken from their mothers, confined to a cramped cage, force fed until they are killed. Prior to the final butchering, they are crying for their mothers. It is such a horrible scenario, and believed to increase toxins in the meat because of how they are kept before they die.
  • Hold Still!


    Whenever any of you hold up an item to the camera, you lift it up and down as if to emphasize something. That makes it very difficult for the viewer to see what it is. Just hold the item STILL please. (All of you are guilty of
  • Presentations

    To make this short and to the point, Chris could you PLEASE STOP being so DRAMATIC when critiquing the finished dish when the women are presenting? You only do this with Bridget and Julia. The "ahhh, mmmm", and "this is the best dish I have ever eaten" is very annoying and so predictable.

    Would you please give the male cooks more dishes to present? They are so interesting and professional in their presentation. You obviously are intimidated by them, because you never exude your enthusiasm as much as you do when the women are presenting. In fact, you have very little to say.

    Lastly, we all know Julia can breathe, however, could she PLEASE STOP SMELLING every little thing? I counted her saying "Ahh that smells sooo good!" and "Doesn't that smell gooood?" over 10 times in one show.

    No one cares! She really need to stop the dramatics; the ohhing and ahhing, and "it tastes so good", and act more professional. Then, most disturbing, is when she rolls and crosses her eyes into her head when she tastes her own food! It is a real turnoff.

    Also, just another observation, shirt collars are to be worn down, not starched up. That was a 70's 80's thing and it looks totally inappropriate for her role.

  • whattaham

    bought a beautiful smoked old fashion Ham. Froze it. Thawed it. Sliced a couple of pieces off the ham and fried em up. the ham was so salty. i have the whole rest of the ham to cook. what can I do to make the Ham not so salty?

    btw, watch you every Saturday morning:}

  • Making smooth pudding

    What I have done for years is just mix the eggs into the milk and mix the cornstarch and sugar together than mix the two together and heat slowly. Great pudding every time. No lumps no straining no scrambled eggs.
  • Answer to suggested Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwich approval -1.0

    Absolute junk! ! ! I make my own egg croissant; using a reheated Wal-Mart croissant, a fresh fried egg, and a reheated frozen breakfast sausage patty. In my opinion the suggested Jimmy Dean substitution is not fit for human consumption. It is a handful of rubbery unflavored junk. I have just reevaluated my opinion of your suggestions.
  • What's With All The Pork????


    Hello Chris and the Test Kitchen Staff -

    To be completely more blunt than the lady who wrote asking what to sub for bacon and panccetta - I will say what she did not say..... I'm not sorry at all about this as I have been holding it in for some years not - I am a die-hard fan and love every one of you no matter how this comes across.

    I am speaking up for all of us Jewish folk who are up to the challenge of mostly Bridget's recipies - and the rest of the primary focus on pork recipies and ingredients - to come up with the alternative ingredients that we can eat, while at the same time keeping in the spirit of the original recipies.

    Bridget's answer of "ham" instead of bacon totally missed the boat. Chris' suggestion of mushrooms was more to the point - I use chicken sausage, beef salami, bell or spicey peppers, or maybe tomatoe paste (which I actually learned from Julia) as alternatives to add to aeromatics. Also, a number of Thanksgivings ago, I tuned in to see a great recipe for a "Moist I dealt with the brining (not into cooking with salt (there are hundreds of other seasonings to use that are more healthy), but when it was said that "the only way to get a turkey to come out moist" was to cover the outside entirely with bacon before putting it in the oven - that took the cake! Most disappointing!

    I get a lot of great recipies from the ATK show. I just swap a prime rib roast or lamb or chicken for the pork and shell fish recipies.

    May I suggest that the show iknvest in a consultant who is a Jewish cook? This may help the ATK staff to be more sensitive to the Jewish population who loves to tune in - at least to suggest some alternative ingredients to pork products. Thank you for letting me get this through - it is sent with much love of cooking. Happy Days, Pamela Davis - Beaverton, Oregon -
  • Poor business practices.

    This is not directly related to the TV show, but as this relates to the money making portion of their business. I thought this is pertinent to other viewers and might prevent them from having a similar issue. I ordered cookbooks and their monthly magazine from them last year. Today I received an unsolicited cookbook in the mail. It included a $30 bill and request for payment. I called customer service to inquire and was told I had received a postcard in the mail letting me know a preview was coming. Do not recall this as it likely was thrown away with the junkmail. I once again stated I did not order this book or sign up for this service. I was then given instructions to go online and in "3 easy steps" obtain a return label and then "simply" drop it off at the nearest USPS. Furthermore, as a courtesy they would delay my bill by 30 days. Apparently they have kept my credit card number from my previous purchases! At this point I was honestly livid. The representative then said she would remove me from their "preview" list. I never signed up for this service. This is apparently how they practice business. What a scam! I, like most people, have a busy work schedule and now have to take time out of my day to return their unwanted book.
  • You are used a Medical technique when you tied up the Prime Rib.

    You showed on the Prime Rib show to tie the bones back to the meat you showed using a double tie. That is called a Surgeon's Knot it prevents slippage.
  • A clever title goes here!

    when you use measurements like one spoon of butter is it table, dinner, or tea, and using cup measurements is it a tea cup or a mug why dont you use flouid oz or grammes
  • episode224 old fashioned stuff turkey

    when you were carving the turkey you cut open the breast and in the neck cavity i see the paper bag that contained heart,gizard,liver and neck ,i think everyone in there live time has forgot to remove the bag in the neck cavity a least once join the club this episode was shown on 11/11/2012

    love your show. don
  • Cooking galore!

    I learned some neat things from these nice and neat chefs. Their food style is very light.
  • love the show

    I'm cook myself and if I'm in Vermont I would like to cook for bridget or take gher out for a good meal love bridget best is the product corner always a good find but why dose the host not like the tasting part of the show I think he dose not like the guy but thats just me .
  • auntie em

    Didn't realize I would have to go thru so much just to get recipe for Spaghetti & Meatballs from 2/11/12 show. Not worth it. Will not watch program anymore. This isn't first time I've had this problem. Do not wish to join this, that or anything else for a recipe.
  • 2011 DVD SET

    I Ordered the 2011 Season Set about 2 months ago. I received the cook book but was informed that the DVD Set was back ordered. I have called them 2 times now to get a date when the DVD Set will be send out and could not be given an answer. I find it hard to believe that the company cannot give them a due in date for the DVD's. Very disappointed in America's Test Kitchen in receiving a product I have paid for and not received and cannot get an answer for. Also after talking to a supervisor and could not get answer she had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to buy a cook book.
  • A cooking show right out of the Cook's Illustrated Magazine. They not only give you recipes but provide tips and reviews of kitchen products, from food to gadgets, and everything in between.

    This show is one of the better cooking shows out there. It won't give you all the details of the recipes but you can get those offline. It will however show you good techniques for making recipes.

    They also take the time to test and review food and kitchen products. They give their opinions on it, but they also use testers and use their opinions as well.

    It is a well rounded show that gives unique ideas and insights in to cooking. The companion magazine is also a great guide and goes great in conjunction with the show.

    I would recommend giving this show a chance if you are a beginner cook or even more advanced.
  • I think that america's test kitchen is a decent show.

    I think that america's test kitchen is an ok show for a cooking show.
    I think that the show could use a little fine tuneing because the show can get kind of boring after watching it for long periods of time.
    Some of the people on there are kind of geeky like the guy with the bow tie does he think that is cool or something.
    They do make some good points about cooking and they do show you what things you should and should not use while cooking or baking something.
    so overall I think that the show is a pretty decent show.
  • This is soup.

    OK, I'm a cook and I have tried several recipes from this show and I have to say I'm not impressed. Most recently I tried the white chicken chile. This recipe is not at all how white chile should be made. This recipe is really really bad. If you follow this recipe you will end up with soup. White chile should be made with dry beans. Also, the chiles should be grilled and skinned. So, my advice is to grill the chilies and skin them and seed them. You should also consider ground poultry. Contrary to what this show says ground poultry works very well in chile. This chile was soup.
  • Awesome show. What I would like is for them to make the show 60 minutes long instead of only 30. *sigh* It truely goes by way too fast. So, all I can do is hope that maybe in some next season, it will fulfill my wishes, by being 60 minutes long.Great Show

    All I can say is this is a show that should get better reviews that I have seen elswhere. I feel that this show is both well directed, well written, and more importantly, is both helpful, and informative. I especially like when they demonstrate how to do the recipes. This has helped me many times when I need to make a new dish for dinner. I also like the taste test that is done, and then evaluates varying kinds of products, from olive oil to tomato paste in a tube. I also like the equipment corner. I find that by them having this feature, I can ad to my wish list all the new items I want to upgrade in my kitchen. Like knives, to saute pans. All is good...:)