America's Test Kitchen

Saturday on PBS Premiered Jan 06, 2001 In Season


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  • Awesome show. What I would like is for them to make the show 60 minutes long instead of only 30. *sigh* It truely goes by way too fast. So, all I can do is hope that maybe in some next season, it will fulfill my wishes, by being 60 minutes long.Great Show

    All I can say is this is a show that should get better reviews that I have seen elswhere. I feel that this show is both well directed, well written, and more importantly, is both helpful, and informative. I especially like when they demonstrate how to do the recipes. This has helped me many times when I need to make a new dish for dinner. I also like the taste test that is done, and then evaluates varying kinds of products, from olive oil to tomato paste in a tube. I also like the equipment corner. I find that by them having this feature, I can ad to my wish list all the new items I want to upgrade in my kitchen. Like knives, to saute pans. All is good...:)