America's Test Kitchen

Saturday on PBS Premiered Jan 06, 2001 In Season


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  • Poor business practices.

    This is not directly related to the TV show, but as this relates to the money making portion of their business. I thought this is pertinent to other viewers and might prevent them from having a similar issue. I ordered cookbooks and their monthly magazine from them last year. Today I received an unsolicited cookbook in the mail. It included a $30 bill and request for payment. I called customer service to inquire and was told I had received a postcard in the mail letting me know a preview was coming. Do not recall this as it likely was thrown away with the junkmail. I once again stated I did not order this book or sign up for this service. I was then given instructions to go online and in "3 easy steps" obtain a return label and then "simply" drop it off at the nearest USPS. Furthermore, as a courtesy they would delay my bill by 30 days. Apparently they have kept my credit card number from my previous purchases! At this point I was honestly livid. The representative then said she would remove me from their "preview" list. I never signed up for this service. This is apparently how they practice business. What a scam! I, like most people, have a busy work schedule and now have to take time out of my day to return their unwanted book.