America's Toughest Jobs

NBC (ended 2008)


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  • A very guilty pleasure in which I wish was done a tad bit better

    Thom Beers is famous for his work with producing the dangerous jobs shows such as Ax Men, Ice Road Truckers, and Deadliest Catch. Well this show rolls all of those jobs plus a few other very dangerous jobs into a contest to see who can cut it doing all of these gawd awful jobs. 13 contestants start out with the job of crab fishing. The contestants are judged for their work by the crab boat owner. After 24hrs(?) of crab fishing the owner then picks the worst four fishermen/women and then they have to go back out and prove they belong. After another 12hrs (I think 12hrs) the worst fisherman/woman is called out and eliminated. This is going to go on through out the season with different jobs. Currently they have done Crab Fishing, Alaskan Trucking, Gold Digging and Monster Trucking. Thom Beers could have done a little better so far but it is just nit pick things. Such as a better cast with a little more personality. I like to watch Thom Beers shows and really do appreciate the work that people do that he shows. But how much it relates into a reality show is yet to be determined. This series has its spots, and unfortunately its low lights. I can certainly understand the difficulty that would be presented in turning these jobs into a contest that would be safe and viable to do with 13 people who have no clue about what they are doing or safety in the job. I think this show would have been better off on a network such as Discovery or History Network where they would have given it a whole lot more advertising and hype. NBC(?) hasn't done this show any favors by not giving it the hype it should be getting. Overall this is an interesting show, you get a slight glimpse into what each job entales and requires of someone in a reality show atmosphere. You really have to be a fan of Thom Beers "dangerous jobs shows" to like this one, also you have to be a fan of reality tv. If you aren't either, you will not like this. Which brings up the question of how many people are both and how much it will carry over to ratings. Hopefully this survives the whole season as it is a guilty pleasure of mine that I tune into weekly. I love to see the different jobs and how difficult they are. I will always be a fan of those "dangerous job" shows. I hope more people find this interesting enough to watch. Also the network needs to do a better job of advertising this show, as they advertise everything else under the sun but this.
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