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Travel Channel (ended 2010)

Isn't this just a big waste of something that LOTS of Americans can't afford?

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    [1]Jul 11, 2010
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    How is it okay for entertainment to set an example that it's funny to destroy valuable items and waste the materials they're made of, when our economy is in trouble and so many Americans can't even afford cheap cars?

    I extend my outrage to all other shows (e.g. Downfall) where valuable items get destroyed as a "punishment" for losing.

    What kind of recession is this? Back during the Great Depression, people actually rationed their materials and took good care of what they had. This sort of public squandering of resources would have probably been met with outrage back then. Why do we put up with it today? Do most of us even understand what lots of people in this country are going through? I'm a recent college grad with great qualifications. I've been searching for employment for months, but companies have very little means of paying new people; I'm having a massively difficult time trying to out-compete millions of experienced 40-year-old candidates who are just as unemployed as I am. Knowing that I'm not alone in this hardship, that no amount of hard work or talent can get a person the basic needs they deserve, I am shocked that anybody has so much wealth stashed away that they can wreck cars on purpose, for no reason but laughs.

    Why can't they donate the losers' cars to some of the bazillions of good drivers in America who can't afford cars right now?

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