America's Worst Driver

Travel Channel (ended 2010)





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  • Bad drivers are put to the test. Worst driver has car destroyed before their eyes.

    I just recently discovered this show. It is a reality show that is actually worth watching. Shocking.

    The basic premise is that four drivers in a city have been nominated by a friend, spouse, or relative as the city's worst driver. The four drivers must compete to prove they are not the worst driver. First they have to do a real world driving test. They are followed by an off duty cop. Every traffic infraction they incur they lose a point. They are instructed to go to a certain location. Once they get there they are given a new mission to go to a location, but are not given direction on how to get there. Then they need to perform a difficult maneuver such as parallel park in a small space or back a boat into the water through a narrow course. Person with the highest score at the end wins a trip for two. The other three move on to the obstacle course. From here on they use the same car provided by the show to make the playing field even. First round is reversing through narrow course. Every time they hit an obstacle they add a time penalty. Person with the lowest time wins free gas for a year.

    Next round the contestants must speed through an obstacle course. Again for every thing they hit they earn a time penalty. Person with the lowest time wins free oil changes for a year. This leaves just the loser. They are declared the worst driver in the city. There car is then destroyed. It could be blown up, run over by a monster truck, or eaten by Robosaurus.

    The losers from each city then move on to the final to try and win a new car. Worst driver there is declared America's Worst driver.
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