Amigas y Rivales

Daily 8:00 PM on TVO Premiered Oct 01, 2001 In Season


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Amigas y Rivales

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This is a story about four young girls who come from different social classes. Laura is a girl from a middle-class, serious and sensible, she studies computer science in a private university on a scholarship. Jimena is a typical rich, spoiled and irresponsible girl, for whom sex is just another way to entertain herself. She is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Ofelia is the best friend of Jimena and like her, she is rich and she lives a life of diversion and frivolous pleasures. Nevertheless, she will soon face the consequences of that style of life: she is diagnosed with AIDS. Nayeli works as a maid in the house of Jimena. The dream of Nayeli is to become a Hollywood star, like Salma Hayek. This dream will bring her to the United States illegally but she will only face a disillusion over there and soon will be deported back to Mexico. The amigas are friendly to each other and they teach each other how to be good friends. In Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries,they call a soap opera a "NOVELA." Also, in Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries they call soap operas "NOVELAS" too.moreless