Amigas y Rivales

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Amigas y Rivales

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This is a story about four young girls who come from different social classes. Laura is a girl from a middle-class, serious and sensible, she studies computer science in a private university on a scholarship. Jimena is a typical rich, spoiled and irresponsible girl, for whom sex is just another way to entertain herself. She is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Ofelia is the best friend of Jimena and like her, she is rich and she lives a life of diversion and frivolous pleasures. Nevertheless, she will soon face the consequences of that style of life: she is diagnosed with AIDS. Nayeli works as a maid in the house of Jimena. The dream of Nayeli is to become a Hollywood star, like Salma Hayek. This dream will bring her to the United States illegally but she will only face a disillusion over there and soon will be deported back to Mexico. The amigas are friendly to each other and they teach each other how to be good friends. In Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries,they call a soap opera a "NOVELA." Also, in Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries they call soap operas "NOVELAS" too.moreless
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  • A Very funny and touching show.

    Amigas y rivales tells the story of four 21 year old women that come from different social backgrounds. The first one of them, Laura, is a studious, sensitive and serious girl from a middle class family; she studies data processing in a private university because she received a scholarship.

    Jimena is the typical rich girl, dissipated and irresponsible, for whom sex is only another way to be entertained. Jimena is later kidnapped, although she does not realize it, she lives with Sebastian, a drug dealer who gives her drugs in change for her having sex with men in his home. Her freinds later find her and she is admitted into Horozonte Nuevo, a rehababilitation center.

    Ofelia is the Jimena's best friend. Like Jimena, she is rich and carries a way of life of diversion and frivolous pleasures. It's not until Ofelia gets infected with HIV that she and Jimena learn not to get involved with "any guy." Ofelia ends up getting married to Ulises (Feo) who wants to marry her dispite her surcumstances. He is extremely ugly and everyone makes fun of him, until when Ofelia is shot and she thinks she will die she sends him to get acne treatments, plastic surgery, and excersize so that he will be attractive to other women after her death. She doesnt die though, and some of her best friends are after Ulises as well as many other teenage girls!

    The fourth protagonist is a girl that comes from a humble background, Nayeli, who works as a maid in Jimena's home. Nayeli's dream is to be become a Hollywood actress, like her idol, Salma Hayek. This dream takes her to the United States illegally, and leads to a bad experience. A man she met in the united states Johnny, falls in love with her and finds here in Mexico, where Jimena de la O tries to steel him away from Nayeli.moreless
  • it's about a young girl that being threw alot of things in her life for example going through what every the pain of knowing that her father's ex wife killed her mother.she meets some friends that loves her so much and are with her in the good and bad timmoreless

    i being watch this soap opera on tv every night 4 days a week and its so cool, because it about what happens to people our age, and iam dying for it to be on dvd, i like this soap opera can you please make it happen, i really want it on dvd.
  • This is why I think it belongs in my list of TV shows and soap operas that deserve much more airtime!!!

    It is the first spanish soap opera that I ever saw and it still my favorite to this very day. My favorites on the soap are: Michelle Vieth, Ludwika Paleta and Manuela Imaz (Not Yet Listed). I only wish they would have it on VHS and/or DVD and hopefully sooner than later!!!
  • Who's your favorite caracter?
    Everyone has a favorite caracter. My favorite are Ulysses (Gabriel Soto is so cute :oops:) Roberto ( both of 'em), Nayeli and Monc...