Amish in the City

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  • Season 1
    • I Am Torn
      I Am Torn
      Episode 9
      In the season finale of Amish in the City: Jonas gets his GED results, and passes it with top marks: 99% in math, 98% in writing, and 99% in reading. There are some problems with Harley, who pees in the house. The group go on a sailing trip. Kevan and Jonas go to a college and visit some classes so that Jonas can explore his options. Whitney, Mirium, and Ruth also visit a college, since Whitney and Ruth are thinking of going to nursing school. Everyone is reminisces about the times they've had together, and there are a lot of decisions to be made. Mose makes everyone a neat, handmade, wooden gift, and sends them all on a scavenger hunt inside the house to get them. Reese and Kevan make amends and hug. For a last hurrah, they all get to go to a club's VIP section, where the music booker has a talk with Nick and Mose about starting a music career, but Nick fails to see the value of good advice he is getting and acts like an ass. On their last night the group watch the July 4 fireworks from their balcony, and they all have a last group talk they should've had earlier. Kevan and the other city kids end on good terms. In the morning, everyone starts to depart. In the end, this is what everyone decides: Ariel: Goes back to her regular life. She thinks her and Nick will stay friends but doesn't know where their relationship will go. Kevan: Decides he will go to law school and become a lawyer. He is very happy he helped Jonas pass the GED. Meagan: Is very happy with harley, and goes back to her old life. Reese: Appreciates all that he has seen and done in the house, and goes back to his old life. Nick: Decides he wants to pursue his music career in LA, and decides he will stay with Meagan or Reese. Whitney: Decides she will go to nursing school. Mose: The big city life is not for him, but he probably won't go back to the Amish. He wants to move to the country and meet a nice girl. Jonas: Is not going back to the Amish. He wants to go to college. Randy: Will go back to his construction job, and might go back to the Amish is he meets a nice Amish girl. Mirium: Won't go back to the Amish yet, she still wants to see more. Ruth: Will go back if her boyfriend goes back.moreless
    • We're Going to Amish Country
      The roommates visit Amish country. While there, Miriam spots her mother and isn't sure what to do. Also: the city kids learn about the hard labor that goes hand-in-hand with working on a farm; Ruth's boyfriend pays a surprise visit; Meagan adopts a puppy.
    • We're Going to Walk Down the Red Carpet
      Everyone receives a Beverly Hills-style makeover. Also: the roommates walk the red carpet at a Hollywood movie premiere; Meagan is surprised by a visitor; and, at a jazz bar, Mose sings the blues.
    • Drama in the House
      A surprise getaway for a camping trip to Catalina Island leads to the first helicopter ride for the Amish, a close encounter with a group of dolphins and a parasailing adventure, but while the idyllic setting allows two of the roommates to momentarily cool their ongoing feud, conflicts erupt between several of the others. Meanwhile, the beach, the ocean and the moonlight provide the perfect backdrop for Nick and Ariel to sneak away for some quality romance time together, but soon discover they are not alone. Later, when the gang returns from their trip, a heated argument with Meagan causes the typically quiet Randy to lose his cool.moreless
    • You Like It, You Love It, You Want Some More of It
      The gang leaves on a surprise getaway to an island, where they have close encounters with dolphins and enjoy parasailing. Also: Ariel and Nick's romance heats up; and Randy loses his cool.
    • I Would Like You to Kiss Ariel
      When Kevan and Meagan's flirting ceases abruptly, his attitude towards some of his fellow city roommates changes revealing some mounting tensions within the house, and Reese's playful game of "truth or dare" sparks the beginning of a new romance between Ariel and Nick. Later, when the gang receives individual readings from new age fortune tellers, Nick gets some unexpected advice about his budding relationship with Ariel. Meanwhile, the group explores the more offbeat side of Los Angeles as the Amish discover a new religious sect when they visit a boisterous street festival at the Hare Krishna Temple, and the roommates get a different kind of day at the beach with a trip to Venice Beach's lively boardwalk and bazaar.moreless
    • What's White Chocolate?
      As the Amish and their city roommates leave the comfort of their suburban mansion to explore the different sides of Los Angeles, the group ventures downtown to speak with former street gang members who use their experiences to help others, and they also head to South Central to meet Whitney's family and friends during a backyard barbecue at her home. Meanwhile, one of the Amish decides to get a piercing, and Mose gets his first taste of a blended coffee drink. Later, during a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific, Ariel believes she has formed an empathic bond with the sharks and other fish exhibited, and Miriam is surprised by a special visitor during her 22nd birthday party.moreless
    • Reggae? Never Heard of the Dude
      The show begins with what was almost an all-out brawl between Whitney and Miriam over some underwear that had been left around. And it ended with the entire group enjoying themselves at an "Arrested Development" concert. In between, get ready to watch the amish kids get to take a ride on LA public transportation, then everyone (except Nick) goes volunteering by helping the mentally handicapped. And they all still find time to get to know each other better over dinner in pairs, and then hit the race track for some good old fashioned horse racing! This show's got it all ... the only thing that's been missing so far is a hook-up, which may change next week.moreless
    • This is My Very First Time on an Escalator
      The culture ensues! And everyone learns something ... like that it's a bad idea to smack someone with your socks, or that if you're gonna go shopping for a large group, don't bring a vegan with you ("We need to buy some eggs!" says Moses ... "Oh God," says Ariel, "those are, like, chicken abortions!") Enjoy everything from a spur-of-the-moment chest shaving to a trip to the beach that may prove hazardous to one of the Amish cast's health. Oh, and by the end, tensions begin to rise between the Amish and the City Dwellers. Let the backstabbing begin!moreless