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  • I liked it it was not that bad they shouyld produce another season i mean it didnt do that bad i watched it every week who ever reads these you can probably get it touch with the producers better than i can so bring it back plz plz plz

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  • very interesting.

    This show follows Amish youth in a rite of passage known as rumspringa which means "running wild". Amish people at the age of 16 leave their homes and communities and test the outside world and enjoy the things forbidden in the Amish world. They must then determine whether or not to return to the Amish life. This show follows five Ami-sh and five non-Amish living together in this pro cess. this show very interresting to watch. ths djf jk dfd nd csd js jke b fkdn sk JK wn d uias huf rui ds htjkndsi
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  • Amish In The City was a reality show, really worth watching.

    There have only been a few reality shows that I have liked watching, this show was one of them. "Amish In The City" gave viewers a chance to know what it is like to be Amish. Viewers also got a chance to see how Amish teens interacted with the outside world. This show was not only fun to watch but it was also interesting and informative, which is why I never missed an episode. This is one show that deserves to be brought back, but with the recent Amish shootings, I think we may have to wait awhile. Even if we don't see another season of "Amish In The City," I am pleased that I got to see season 1.
  • Very Interesting!

    Really great show, I'm surprised it didn't get better ratings. You really learn a lot about the Amish and their way of life, plus the choices they are faced in life.

    During the show they had a serious decision to make. Either move away from home and live in the city. Meaning they can never go back home or see their family again. Or go back home and live a Amish life. Meaning never being able to experiencing the city life again or that way of living.

    I thought the show was very educational. What a tough choice to make. It was interesting to see what choices they all made.
  • The U.S.A. is constantly evolving and within the next decade or two it is very possible that the Caucasian majority we now know will be no more. Prime time television would be wise to address this shift and gear viewing options to adress the shift and to

    "Amish in the City" exposed its viewers to a subculture within America that many would not be exposed to otherwise. The differences between the "real world" cast members and the "Amish world" cast members showed viewers the differences in intercultural communications. We learned of subsultures within each culture represented and in the end the cast members and the viewers learned to communicate with cultures different from theirs and also learned to respect our differences. While other reality shows may draw more ratings, this show represents something that is missing in prime opportunity to resolve different intercultural misconceptions. I assure you that Americans will never run low on the misconceptions. Everyday more people are emigrating to these United States and within the next decade America will no longer be considered the Caucasian majority run country. It would be wise of Television prime time to reevaluate it's cancellation of a show that stands to improve intercultural communications. It would be very easy to focus on different cultures. It would be easy to experience an evolution in the show to create target audiences out of all Americans. I guess the only question that remains is "Why not bring back'Amish in the City?'"