Amish Mafia

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Amish Mafia

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Untrusting of outside law enforcement, Amish people living in Lancaster County have turned to a small group of organized men for protection. Amish Mafia takes a look at the men who make up this specialized group.

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AIRED ON 4/8/2014

Season 3 : Episode 7

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  • Liar Liar pants on fire

    Just watched amish mafia and lost all respect for Discovery channel.


    And the producers lied to the AMISH AID (The name Discovery said would be the name of the show) from day one. Liars cannot be trusted at all, so as far as i know all of Discoveries shows are BxxxxxxT!

    And since they have just proved to all of the viewers that they lie, how do we know that anything they show is true or just more BxxxxxxT! And when the Amish Mafia confront the film crew about their lies then they try to get back at them by airing all the things they promised not to film.

    But since they are all liars we don't know if they are true or not. If you want to reveal a crime you can't prove anything if your a known liar because nobody will believe you. Try that crap with Judge Judy.

    I could care less if the show is real or faked, It is entertaining. It just pxxxx's me off that Discovery comes into our homes and tells us and our children that lying is OK as long as you get what you want. At the same time telling the whole world that Americans condone lying.

    You would think that Discovery would want to have a good reputation since their shows are about discovery and learning not lying. The show could have been a great venue for informing the outsiders about the Amish and how they are affected by the english . The show could do a lot for both sides. It's a shame we don't know the truth.

  • Very, Very. Stupid Show , EEWWW

    What da Hell ,, there is No Amish Mafia ,, The real Amish People ,,Are Farmer's !!!! Never Mafia,, stupid !!!
  • Far, far beyond the point, where bad is funny...

    mafia is just bad bad, terribly bad, in fact: it's getting dizzy, throwing up in your mouth, just wanting to go to bed because you can't deal with a world that can allow such a tv-show, despite knowing you won't sleep anyways, bad

    I recommend to watch one episode and hug yourself through the night while trying to remember when and why your life took the wrong turn.

    But seriously, don't watch a second one, the damage might be permanent! The target market of Amish mafia won't be able to read, so please tell them. (I'd usually say no offense, but there really isn't any point, is there?)

  • A Complete piece of trash this show is indeed

    Out of all of the bad reality tv and tv shows in general as a whole, this piece of nihilistic trash takes the cake, there is absolutely no amish mafia, ridiculously written, Lebanon Levi who looks like a pillsbury doughboy is the perhaps more annoying than any other in history, the rest of them are a hack, this is truly utterly insane, I Don't like the kardashians either, but they look the show dynasty compared to this trash, this is a truly, insanely dreadful show, discovery channel you have truly fallen to an all time big low with this this is trash.

    How could they cancelled american chopper for this mess saddens me, even though AC's last few years weren't that great either, but it's a masterpiece compared to this mess.

    amish mafia represents not only everything wrong with television, but the world now a days.moreless
  • Bullshiat

    This show is complete and utter bullshiat. There is no Amish Mafia. These are all actors. This show is completely scripted. There is not enough suspension of disbelief to even come close to bearing this horsecrap for more than 2 minutes. The entire premise is completely absent from reality. The Discovery Channel has hit a new low with this garbage. Ghost Hunters is more believable than this drek. Don't waste your time. Watch this and you're only encouraging idiot producers to put more of this crap on TV.moreless

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