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How well do you know your own life? Contestants are tested on this very subject on Amne$ia, a new series hosted by Dennis Miller (author of The Rants, co-host of GSN's Grand Slam) airing Friday nights on NBC. Amne$ia tests contestants on the details of their lives, from events in their distant past, to the minutiae of things they might see but not realize every day. Possible questions include what type of wedding dress your spouse wore to the speed in your neighborhood. Amne$ia follows hot on the heels of two popular NBC games shows -- Deal or No Deal and 1 vs. 100. The program premieres on Friday, February 22, 2008, immediately following the season finale of 1 vs. 100.
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  • This show was great but sadly I guess it wasn't that popular.

    This was a great show. The Only Downfall it had was you can't play along with the contestant. Other than that this show was good. I see how some people can't stand this show but i personally love it. Although it can be slow at some time Dennis always seems to bring back the funny. I which this stayed on the air but not everything can be the way you want it to be. I wish they would give it a second chance maybe on a saturday night instead of friday or put this on daytime instead of primetime but oh well.moreless
  • How can you not watch with Dennis Miller hosting?

    I don't like many game shows. It's just not my 'thing'. But I like Dennis Miller so I tuned into this one. It's cute. It's good because of Dennis Miller. That's really the reason I watch it. It's cute - like a 'This is Your Life' for the everyday person. It's fun to watch and think if you could remember the stuff from your own past. But mostly, it's just a Dennis Miller thing. It could be better if Dennis Miller could do some political and social rants with his opinions spewing out. Aside from that I think it's pretty good.moreless
  • I was watching the show tonight and I all most fell off my chair when a man on the show claimed that he invented the electric slide.

    I could not stop laughing and proceeded to look on websites to confirm what this man stated...I laughed even more. Not only does he claimed that he invented the electric slide,he has claimed to have invented break dancing, pop-locking, the robot and oh my all time favorite the Texas Star Line Dance. The only thing that this man has done was steal someone else's dance who wasn't looking to capitalize on whether the dance correctly done, but to have fun dancing together in clubs, weddings or the occasional party.

    Please look at the woman who created the song "Electric Boogie" and the music video, where you can clearly see that the young man who was dancing on the show did it correctly.
  • Boring!

    I watched the season premier of this show and found that it was really boring. The general idea of the show is really good. I like how they put you on the spot to see if you can remember your past. But I think that the host just brings the show down. He wasn't exciting. He didn't bring any life to the show. I would have rathered Bob Saget, or Jeff Foxworthy since they are more fun. Unfortunately they are host their own game shows. I think Amnesia needs to find a new host. Until then I will suffer and watch just for the content.moreless
  • Dennis Miller's funny.

    First, he did a season of Monday Night Football as comedy relief (with Al Michaels & Dan Dierdorf doing the real commentary; though they would switch networks). Next, he hosted a GSN show called Grand Slam. Now he's wittier than ever hosting NBC's Amnesia.

    The theme song is catchy & must be from the same company that brought us The Singing Bee.

    Then again, some viewers might have amnesia of forgetting to watch this show, since it's opposite Price Is Right's $1,000,000 Spectacular on CBS. And for the past two weeks, you made the right choice when two gentlemen won BOTH SHOWCASES + $1,000,000.moreless
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