Amos 'n' Andy

CBS (ended 1953)





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  • Tragically condemned greatness!

    The first tv show with an all black cast was also one of the funniest shows of televisions first decade. It is truly a shame that political correctness has taken it away from so many generations.

    There were many "intelligent/normal" characters on this show, Alvin Childress as Amos Jones being chief among them.

    Tim Moore's Kingfish Stevens, Spencer Williams Jr.'s Andy Brown & Johnny Lee's Algonquin J. Calhoun were broad comic characters and not meant as racial stereotypes. At least that isn't what the actors intended. They just wanted to make people laugh.

    Yes the characters were "goofballs" in the same sense that Fred Sanford, Cramer, Gilligan and even the Three Stooges were, the fact remains that they were talented and they were funny.

    One of my favorite episodes is "Rare Coin". There has rarely been anything funnier than Andy using a nickel worth $250 in a pay phone, then he and Kingfish spend the rest of the episode trying to retrieve it.

    It is such a shame that a segment of the population can't accept this show for what it is, a tremendously funny situation comedy with broad comic performances. They would rather desecrate the brilliant performances of truly gifted actors.

    All those who condemned this show, its cast & their performances to the point of banishment accomplished, was to stifle the progress these great performers made in the industry.

    The cast of "Amos 'N Andy" were decades ahead of their time, and made great strides and advances for black performers in show business at the dawn of television history.