Amos 'n' Andy

CBS (ended 1953)





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  • One of the first all black cast shows.

    Offensive to many...I found it to be well-acted and no more offensive than any other show where the characters were unreal in many of their actions and situations.

    I think that the failure of it to be available for viewing denies the actors their rightful place in television history.

    Placed within the context of the time that the show was made it was something you hadn't seen before and wouldn't see again for many years. Black actors doing situation comedy.

    It's time for the PC (politically correct)Police to get over it and let these actors be seen for the talented people they were.

    These characters were no more offensive than Rochester in the old Jack Benny show and we don't hear a whole lot about that...

    There were bright people in this and dumb people in this series...just like in real life. You could take this series and make the roles white and you'd probably have a hit sitcom.