Amos 'n' Andy

CBS (ended 1953)





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  • Kingfish schemed and scammed his way through the episodes playing his chum Andy for a fool. Amos was too smart and busy working to fall victim to Kingfish, and rescued Andy most of the time. Calhoun, the lawyer, is by far the funniest member of the cast!

    These guys were brilliant comedic actors who did a great job and were undeservedly swept aside. See these episodes if you can. You'll laugh yourself silly. The stories were great, too, classic. This was a pioneering work that should have got credit for preceding and foreshadowing shows like The Honeymooners and I Love Lucy. Brilliant comedians at work here, and tragically deprived of recognition by the NAACP. What irony! Kingfish (Tim Moore) was an old-school genius at delivering beautifully twisted lines of English, and his range of comical facial expressions is amazing; Andy, the slow moving, easy-going simple cigar-smoking dupe just walks into Kingfish's traps every time, and his facial expressions will crack you up, too; Amos is the smart, ethical, hard-working one who tries to keep everyone honest; and Calhoun the lawyer is another genius with his voice, choice of words and delivery. These four actors were consummate artists and I hope someday to see them get deserved recognition.