An Adventure in Space and Time

Season 1 Episode 1

An Adventure in Space and Time

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2013 on BBC Two
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An Adventure in Space and Time

It's 1963 and Verity Lambert, promoted to producer, has been asked to produce a new science fiction series: Doctor Who. She seeks out actor William Hartnell for the critical part of the Doctor and attempts to overcome both prejudice against her as a woman and the challenges of a new show spanning all of time and space.


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      • Narrator: This is the BBC. The following program is based on actual events. It is important to remember, however, that you can't rewrite history. Not one line. Except perhaps when you embark on an adventure in space and time.

      • Harry: Still need to see your pass, sir.
        Sydney: Aw, the hell with it.
        Harry: That's not the way we do things at the BBC, sir!
        Sydney: You don't say?

      • Sydney: So, good-looking guy, good-looking girl, a kid who gets herself into all kinds of trouble. Plus, an older man. Quirky. I'll come back to him. They travel about space and time, getting into scrapes.
        Verity: That's a lovely idea.
        Sydney: You know me. Pop pop pop.

      • Sydney: Hey hey hey hey hey. I don't want you to be my assistant again, kid. I want you to produce it.
        Verity: Produce it?
        Sydney: Sure. They've never had a female producer here. Sit down. You're just what this place needs. Someone with piss and vinegar in their veins.
        Verity: Thanks. I think.

      • Mervyn Pinfield: So this is quite a promotion.
        Verity: Well, apparently.
        Mervyn Pinfield: Managed to ruffle a few feathers.
        Verity: If feathers don't ruffle, nothing flies.

      • Mervyn Pinfield: Don't fight us. Perhaps you could add a few drops of warm beer in with your, um...?
        Verity: Piss?
        Mervyn Pinfield: Mixture.

      • Verity: What have you just been working on?
        Waris: Uh, Compact.
        Verity: Oh. High art, indeed.
        Waris: Shut up.
        Mervyn Pinfield: Don't people say "ugh" in Compact?
        Waris: Frequently. Mostly after a liquid lunch.

      • Waris: Oh, god, not there. We can't do anything there, it's a broom cupboard. it's smaller on the inside. It's the wrong shape and the sprinklers go off when it gets hot.
        Verity: Well, you'll make it brilliantly, won't you?
        Waris: Oh, I see. Simple as that. It'll never work. When do we start?

      • Verity: We are all strangers in a strange land.
        Waris: Very profound.
        Verity: Isn't it? You'll find I'm generally pretty profound.

      • Waris: I mean, how else could you get a promotion like this?
        Verity: A promotion like what? I'm trying to recreate the Stone Age with Airfix glue and bloody baker foil.
        Waris: We're trying to.
        Verity: Yes.
        Waris: Yes.
        Verity: Sorry.

      • Verity: Trust me, Bill, you're perfect for it. No one will be able to resist you.
        William: Really think so?
        Verity: C.S. Lewis meets H.G. Wells meets Father Christmas. That's the Doctor.
        William: Doctor... who?

      • William: I play a funny old man who lives inside a magic box.
        Judith Carney: Like a jack-in-the-box, Sanpa?
        William: A little like that, yes. But this is a machine in disguise. A time machine.
        Judith Carney: Do you know how to fly a time machine, Sanpa?
        William: Hmmm? Oh yes, yes, of course I do. You'll see, you'll see when I'm on the television. We'll be going back through history to meet kings and queens, and off to distant planets where the Doctor will have all kinds of adventures.
        Judith Carney: The Doctor?
        William: He's the old man I'm playing.
        Judith Carney: A doctor? Does he make people better?

      • Sydney: A perfect choice for my little show. Well, my idea, anyway. That's what I do, ideas. One day I came into ITV, "I got an idea," I said. "The Avengers." "What's it about?" they said. "How the hell should I know?" I said. But what a title! Pop pop pop.

      • Sydney: Hey, hey. I like new. I do new, remember? It's too scary for the kids.
        Waris: I--I thought we were trying to scare them.
        Sydney: Scare them, not traumatize them. Change it.
        Verity: Over my dead body!
        Sydney: It can be arranged.

      • William: Sorry to see you go, son. So what's next for you?
        Waris: I've been offered A Passage to India.
        William: One way?
        Waris: Bill, I hope you never change.

      • William: It's not too late, you know.
        Carole Ann Ford: No, I've made up my mind.
        William: They can rewrite this stuff in the shop.
        Carole Ann Ford: It's time to move on, Bill. There's lots of other things I want to do.
        William: Well, of course.
        Carole Ann Ford: And there's more to life than just screaming at nasty monsters.
        William: That's no way to talk about me.

      • Heather: Maybe it's time you thought about moving on, love.
        William: Moving on?
        Heather: You're shattered all the time.
        William: I can't, even if I wanted to. they're all relying on me, hundreds of people, aren't they? And all those kiddies out there. Why, you can't have Doctor Who without Doctor Who, can you?

      • William: Why does this have to change? Why do things always have to change? Why can't we just go on as we are?
        Verity: Life.

      • Patrick Troughton: I won't lie to you. I'm scared stiff.
        William Hartnell: Oh, you'll be fine. In fact you'll be wonderful. I told them, you know, there's only one man in England who can take over.
        Patrick Troughton: Oh? Couldn't they get him?

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