An American in Canada

CBC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • I Dream of Judy
      I Dream of Judy
      Episode 10
      Bill is looking for someone to host the thirtieth anniversary of the station, and Judy decides to do it. Meanwhile, Margie (Derrick's sister) comes to town and tells Jack she has feelings for him, but he doesn't feel the same way. Mara gets a job offer at a station in Vancouver. So Jake tries to get Margie, Mara's old job. Jake also offers to help Judy in preparing for the show, when she doesn't come off the way she'd like.moreless
    • A Non-Date to Remember
      Jake decides to ask Judy out on a date, but finds that he has to make a deal with her to make it happen. Meanwhile Dennis invites Chef Olaf to get married on ``Wake Up Calgary'', not knowing that Olaf is in a gay relationship. Also Derrick is worried that he and Mara are going to breakup, after she enrolls in a penmanship course.moreless
    • Frisky Business
      Frisky Business
      Episode 8
      Dennis is in his traditional two weeks of cleansing, but it doesn't start out on the right foot. As for Jake, he finds himself even more attracted to Judy after he sees her in a sleeveless shirt. While Mara wants Derrick to quit working at the moose, as she feels he is strong-arming the customers to give her bigger tips.
      When Jake hears its ladies night at the moose, he decides to go. During the evening he bumps into Judy, and they have a few drinks, eventually ending up back at the office.moreless
    • Dennis Anyone?
      Dennis Anyone?
      Episode 7
      Dennis' leave of absence during his mayoral campaign allows Jake to take Wake-Up Calgary in a new, investigative, hard-hitting direction. Judy's in-office vacation leaves Jake and Bill to clash over the direction of the morning show.
    • Play Misty for Me
      Jake's old girlfriend unexpectedly shows up; Mara is forced to get a second job; Dennis has laser eye surgery.
    • Some Like it Hot Zone
      The team find themselves quarantined at the station; Bill tries to keep his pact.
    • Citizen Jake
      Citizen Jake
      Episode 4
      Bill gives Jake an ultimatum to become less American or leave.
    • Love Notes from the Edge
      Dennis enlists Liona Boyd's help for a charity event; Jake and Gord team up to break up Judy and her young beau.
    • Jake and the Fat Men
      When Bill is inaugurated as skip of his curling team, Jake and Judy find themselves dating -- other people. Bill sets up Judy with a curling buddy, Derrick sets up Jake with his sister and Dennis tries to smuggle porn into Canada.
    • A Kiss is Just a Kiss
      Judy pressures Jake to re-sign his contract while Jake secretly awaits a job offer from Dateline. Dennis prepares for his 'humanitarian mission' to Cuba by buying a fridge for his foster chick.
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