An Idiot Abroad

Saturday 9:00 PM on Sky1 Premiered Sep 23, 2010 In Season


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  • Wow! - I thought I'd have to add this show - It only premiered in the U.S. yesterday (I think).

    I watched all of the preview and most of the premiere for this program (I'll catch the rest of the China visit later). But just watching Ricky Gervais laugh usually gets me laughing and this time was no different. What a trio they made - Ricky, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington. Ricky looked like he wa going to fall off the chair; Merchant asked questions using his best "I'm completely serious" face, and Pilkington just sitting there, taking the abuse. He does have the perfect comedic face - completely round with a bald head - and I haven't seen anyone make deadpan look so funny since Buster Keaton. I will be tuning in for all seven wonders, and it appears so will many others.