An Idiot Abroad

Saturday 9:00 PM on Sky1 Premiered Sep 23, 2010 In Season


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  • Bewildered, insulated, stubborn, miserable... Karl is (un)intentionally hilarious as he sulks and puzzles his way through cultures so unlike his own that he struggles to cope. And yet he's not unintelligent, oh no, he's just...Karl.


    Was there ever a man who was so perplexed by life outside his highstreet and pub? Obviously not a total idiot, because he's quite an intelligent talker, it's just what he says and his rationale behind it that makes you scratch your head and go 'whaa...?'

    Hilarious in ways that you couldn't script if you tried, this is the ongoing saga of Karl who is sent to visit wondrous places by his two 'friends' Ricky and Steve, but of course they don't just send him to the nice places...

    Karl struggles with food, people, places, weather... and has something to say about it all as he stumbles from men's toilets (there's no doors - they got half a wall, couldn't they just go a bit higher?) to the Great Wall (bit average, really) and onto places not even season travellers might wish to go. His insights (?) leave you shaking your head and laughing, pitying him one minute as his 'friends' devise yet another horrible visit for him and then wanting to slap him the next to bring him to his senses.

    A funny program that shows you places you know mixed in with areas you don't, all through the eyes of a reluctant tourist who'd rather be back at home in a pub with a pie and pint.

    Great show.

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