An Idiot Abroad

Saturday 9:00 PM on Sky1 Premiered Sep 23, 2010 In Season


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  • I LOVE this Idiot & the Show too! ;)

    I watched the first season and was sad to see it was so short, then I got busy with life and ended up missing the 2nd season. I am so happy that I came across it again, because I could watch Karl all day long. He kills me with comments, and I truly laugh out loud too many times to count at each show. I've been a Ricky fan forever and I just love hearing his laugh when Karl is so serious talking back to him. I think a great twist would be for Karl to get their butts back though and soon, Rick and Stephen really deserve to be paid back it's only fair, don't you think? So, come on Rick, why not let Karl pick something off the bucket list for you to do? Now we only need to think of a good bucket list to pick from! ;) Oh, I just wanted to say, Karl isn't a dummy by no means, he just has a different sense of humor then most and he says out loud what most of us say on the inside. lol Great show guys, I wish all these other type of reality shows would take note, you don't have to fight, bitch and yell to make a good show.