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Based on the Caldecott Award-winning book series by Eve Titus, Anatole tells the tale of a dignified mouse, Anatole. A loving husband and father to six charming children from outside of Paris, Anatole acts as an ambassador between the mouse world and the human world. From his adventures on the streets of Paris, Anatole provides an understanding of the value of diversity in a multi-cultural society. Venture out and take an exciting trip with Anatole. CHARACTERS Anatole - Every night when most everyone in France is fast asleep, a small figure in a jaunty beret and smart blue smock kisses his wife goodbye and bicycles into Paris. His name is Anatole, and he works at the world famous Duval Cheese Factory as a cheese tester. But Anatole is not just any tester – he is unique. He is acknowledged as the very best tester in the country and his opinion is valued above all others, and yet no one has seen his face, for he prefers to work alone at night, his only companion being the lovely smelling Duval cheeses…and M'Sieu Duval's not so lovely cat, Charlemagne. Anatole is the most magnificent mouse in all of France – a brave, resourceful, hard-working mouse of action. A mouse for whom a problem is not an obstacle, but an opportunity to find a solution. M'Sieu Duval - Anatole's human counterpart is his boss, M'Sieu Duval. Duval is an elegantly chic man, pompous an a bit of a snob and yet smart enough to realize that he owes his current success to the mysterious Anatole. Ever since Anatole became chief cheese tester, Duval Cheese have become the toast of France. He is perpetually curious about Anatole's identity, but does not violate his desire for privacy. "A genius must be allowed his eccentricities" he tells everyone. Paul and Paulette - As the oldest siblings, Paul automatically takes charge whenever the siblings are assembled. And why not? He's a natural leader and leaders like to lead. Paul thinks he knows what's best for everyone and imposes his opinion on others. At time he is overbearing, bossy and stubborn like his dad, yet he is also mature enough to know when to pull back. Paul is often challenged by Paulette. Of the two, Paulette is more sensible and willing to reason with recalcitrant siblings than Paul. Paulette will find a compromise, or a way to present a plan that makes it acceptable to the others. Claude and Claudette - These are the artists of the family, though Claude is more verbal and Claudette more visual. It didn't take them long to observe that the older twins get more privileges and the younger ones get more attention. Both feel that as the middle children in the family ladder, they're getting the short end of the stick. This belief has made them very close and they work in tandem jockeying for position to make themselves visible. Georges and Georgettes - All five years olds are loose cannons, but Georges is more so because of his athleticism. This is a physical, rough housing, tumbling, sprinting little boy. Things break in his wake. Georgettes is always off somewhere she's not supposed to be. Something catches her eye and she's gone. Naturally this is worrisome to parents and siblings alike. She is venturesome, outgoing and always eager to experience anything new. Gaston - Gaston is Anatole's best friend and sidekick. Where Anatole is a mouse of action, Gaston is a mouse of ideas. All his thinking, however, is a defense mechanism to cover his basic nature – he is a worrier and generally a lazy mouse. This combination make him much less of a go getter than his friend. His is a timid pragmatist, content to observe rather than participate, and to run for it and save his own hide rather than put his bottom on the line and attempt to save another person. Charlemagne the Cat - Watch out for this one. Charlemagne is Madam Duval's most beloved possession. This mean-spirited animal has very few redeeming qualities. He toys with his prey, and delights in their pleas for mercy. This is one kitty who pumps iron just to stay in shape to be a better mouse trap. He is vain, proud of his shiny black coat and his lean mean body, and hunting mice is his life. Pierre the Pigeon: Pierre is a pigeon with a fear of flying. When Anatole needs to get somewhere fast, he hops on Pierre's back and off they go. Well perhaps not right away. Anatole first has to plead, cajole, convince and persuade Pierre to take flight. Pierre doesn't know why he has this terrible phobia – perhaps some deep trauma from his youth. Only Pierre's affection and respect for Anatole enables him to fly. Francois de Pamplemousse - Anatole's nemesis is the richest mouse in town, Francois de Pamplemousse, a misguided creature who is philosophically opposed to everything that Anatole stands for. He doesn't like humans. He uses his influence to make life uncomfortable for Anatole. He considers himself to be an aristocrat, claiming that hamster blood runs in his veins.moreless