Anatomy Of A Snake Bite

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Anatomy Of A Snake Bite

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Examine the lightning speed with which snakes of all species can strike, as actual snake strikes are tested on a brave - and specially covered - stuntman. Comparative physiologist and biomechanics expert Dr. Adam Summers leads a virtual tour through the complex structure of a snake's head - from its venom-filled sacs to its hinged jaw through its deadly, fanged delivery system. Elsewhere, on a live set, a collection of venomous cobras and mambas attack and sink their teeth into the "bio-rat" - a non-living, specially constructed decoy animal. As each snake pounces, scientists take readings from the chunk of meat and muscle hidden inside the decoy, allowing them to determine the rate of venom dispersal and the intensity of its effect. Finally, learn how non-venomous snakes subdue their prey: the deadly art of constriction. Special effects wizards build a massive, 35-foot animatronic serpent capable of constricting its many coils and squeezing the life out of a healthy, adult human. With medics on the set to monitor heart rate and blood oxygen, a team of snake experts pits one volunteer against the monster to measure coil-by-coil how long it takes a man to escape its deadly grip.moreless

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